Tea is more expensive than “gold”, one or two gold or two tea, fujian sky-high rock tea is how to fry up?

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Recently, I came across a piece of news that in recent two years, Fujian Wuyi rock tea has been priced at sky-high prices, and this matter has also been discussed very lively in the tea circle, from thousands of yuan per jin in the past, then rose to tens of thousands of yuan, the most expensive rock tea “Yuanxiang” price has been priced at 480,000 yuan.Many people will ask, why is rock tea so expensive?Even to the point of gold or tea.Through understanding, we found the following two reasons: 1. Wuyi Rock tea belongs to the oolong tea series of six major tea categories, and its core production areas are “Three pits and two streams” in Fujian. The so-called “three pits” refer to Niulan Pit, Huiyuan Pit and Pouring water pit.”Two Streams” refers to “the stream of fragrance and the stream of enlightenment.”Due to the limited planting area, the production itself is scarce, so it has been hyped up by some people.Rock tea is also one of the teas that requires the most manual intervention. It is said that it takes more than a month for the tea maker to make the initial tea, followed by refining and roasting.In addition, rock tea in Zhengyan production area has the geographical conditions of “unreplicable nature”. Rock tea grown in valley rocks and gravel soil has a unique flavor of “rock bone fragrance”. Therefore, many rock tea in the market are under the banner of Zhengyan Shanchang.Due to the impact of the epidemic, many tea enterprises were impacted. In March 2020, it was reported online that 133 mu of tea plantation in Mount Wuyi was auctioned. After several rounds of auction, the 10-year lease was finally sold at 74 million yuan, becoming the hot property in the eyes of many tea merchants.The so-called “wool comes from sheep”, such sky-high bid behind the reason, of course, is profitable.Since someone is willing to pay a high price to buy the 133 acres of tea plantation, they must find a way to recover the cost, which of course is the source of tea tea friends.However, after all, the production of rock tea is limited, and the market supply is less than the demand. Therefore, many tea merchants make “mixed tea”, which is to mix a small amount of rock tea with other teas, or even pretend to be other teas.This is similar to the limited production of Anxi Tieguanyin tea at the beginning, but there are tea under the banner of Tieguanyin everywhere on the market.The so-called “drink people don’t buy, buy people don’t drink”, rock tea is therefore speculation as “guest tea, gift tea”.It is because rock tea is so expensive that many tea friends have to turn to other tea. Recently, I saw a big brother in Fujian province showing his rock tea substitute.There are some I have drunk, some I have not drunk, some local tea, some non-local tea, but the price is not expensive, can be used as ration tea.I’ve picked out three of them.Jasmine Tea This is a jasmine tea produced in Fuzhou, is the selection of fuding flower white peony as raw material, with Fuzhou jasmine flowers scenting system, the whole tea process needs to scenting six times.Made by traditional technology, dry tea is complete, tight and thin, with rich pekoe on bud body, elegant and beautiful.The tea soup is light yellow, light and bright, and the entrance has rich flowers and melodious fragrance.Tea buds at the bottom of leaves are plump and fat.Here is a black tea made in High mountain in Sichuan, also known as “Junlian black tea”, making a good visit to the same region with the famous “Sichuan Red” tea, making it a protected product of China’s geographical indications.The fujian elder brother said that this tea belongs to a local product to help farmers and poverty alleviation, taking the line of being close to the people, tea farmers always stick to the original intention of making tea, just want to make all tea lovers can drink affordable, so the price is affordable.This tea selects the first spring bud as the raw material to make tea. Its dry tea strips are straight and fat, dark in color, with obvious gold and even in size.After brewing the tea soup orange bright, there is a clear fragrance of flowers and fruits in it;After tasting, the taste is mellow.This is a tea produced in Fenghuang Mountain, Guangdong province, has a history of more than 900 years.I originally thought that fujian people do not drink phoenix single plexus, only guangdong people drink, but listen to the fujian eldest brother said that phoenix single plexus fragrance is more, many people are attracted by its fragrance after drinking.Although the name sounds not elegant, the so-called “big vulgar namely big elegant”, it is said that “duck excreta xiang” is its local name, it itself is “silver flowers”, flowers elegant, full-bodied lasting.Because the tea growers produced this charming aroma, and the people who drank it praised it, the tea farmers were afraid of being stolen, so they deliberately gave it a bad name.Disclaimer: some pictures from the network, if there is infringement please contact to delete!