Orders broke through 2000 units in 3 days!Huawei is indeed not simple, Ren Zhengfei: can live without mobile phones

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Click attention, wonderful every day!Introduction: orders broke through 2000 units in 3 days!Huawei breaks the game again, Ren Zhengfei: Can live without mobile phones!In the domestic technology market, Huawei’s position is naturally needless to say;As China’s largest private technology company, Huawei has made good achievements in many fields over the years, especially in smartphones, chips and 5G.However, with the rapid development of Huawei, its development in the international market has been hit and punished. Not only 5G has been suppressed, but even Huawei’s chips have become the last one, which also leads to the declining sales of Huawei’s smart phones.However, Ren zhengfei has said that Huawei can live without mobile phones, but huawei will not give up its mobile phone business!Now Huawei’s mobile phone business is a story, before the production of Hisickirin chip has not resumed, Huawei’s smartphone development still faces great challenges;But in the mobile phone market decline in sales, also not to have much of an impact on China, because huawei has carried on the transformation development has already begun, and in the new field, huawei has achieved very good results, in 3 days time, order break through 2000, sales of 600 million, say that huawei is not simple, indeed so huawei what cause this time?After the development of Huawei’s smartphone business was blocked, Ren Zhengfei repeatedly said in Huawei:Huawei will actively to do not rely on semiconductor chip type Internet software company transformation, and HongMeng operating system also became the key to transformation of huawei, through the constant grinding, huawei huawei self-developed HongMeng operating system has achieved unprecedented success, also in online only about six months time, yu said HongMeng system with more than 200 million the number of users,This also shows that Huawei Hongmeng system has become the third largest mobile operating system after iOS and Android!King in the field of new energy vehicles, huawei with Fried besides HongMeng operating system development, huawei also has research and development in the field of new energy vehicles, laser radar developed by huawei, and automatic driving technology in the industry are in a leading level, but ren said huawei to build the vehicle, this also let huawei can only and other traditional car companies to cooperate,But huawei’s cross-border cooperation has achieved unprecedented success, huawei has previously released a fox alfa S the blockbuster success, now huawei and plug, depth of cooperation, and create the AITO asked the M5 models, this model, after just three days orders are more than 2000 units, and sales also broke through 600 million,Shows how strong Huawei is!To know, now the development of the domestic new energy vehicle market is in full swing, Huawei as a giant in the field of science and technology will not miss this wave of draught, and this time the AITO M5 model is a smart car deeply involved in huawei team, Huawei not only designed the drive system for it,Moreover, the intelligent cockpit and hongmeng operating system are also designed, which will bring consumers a completely different consumption experience of new energy vehicles. With the support of Huawei halo, this model soon becomes one of the best-selling models in the market. It has to be said that Huawei’s influence is relatively large!So, huawei prepared by the “cause” or more, in addition to smartphones, 5 g, chips, huawei HongMeng operating system, as well as huawei’s new energy automotive related technology is one of the cause of huawei, and these will make a great contribution in the development of huawei in the future, now in the field of science and technology,Huawei is involved in everything from earphones and speakers to smart cars, so huawei can live without mobile phones, and still live very well. What do you think about that?