The arrival of 99, long look forward to

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The arrival of 99, long look forward to;99 happiness;A long thought;99 happiness, waiting for a long time;99 blessings, a long collection;99, happy things with you for a long time.Gently greetings, with my kind care;Deep feelings, pass on my sincere wishes;Deep blessing, send my good heart.The ninth day of the Chinese New Year, long long, I wish my friends, all have good luck, happy life smooth!The gentle wind blowing, moist rain, happy people smile, intimate people accompany, friend’s letter sent, to you in front of you you look at, suddenly you happy smile, the day is drunk, have you just sweet.Today is our personal birthday every day. May happiness chase us and happiness surround us.The ninth day, I wish you: happy for a long time, happy for a long time, long for a long time!New Year nine bless you: spirit yongjia, luck, happiness, health, career yongkang, success forever, love forever, youth forever, wealth eternal, beaming forever, troubles forever, difficulties forever, they accompany you for a long time, a long time, forever!I planted ninety-nine roses, make ninety-nine wishes, fold ninety-nine stars, send ninety-nine wishes, I wish you happiness for a long time, love for a long time, happiness for a long time.Days for a long time, for a long time, good time love leisurely;Love for a long time, meaning for a long time, happy wheel turn endlessly;People for a long time, things for a long time, one hundred years of inheritance is immortal;Flowers for a long time, grass for a long time, the scenery alone good heart stay;Blessing, there are, the word really sentence cut this achievement;I care, every day, bosom friend the most long!Long festival, write a write, happy footsteps do not stop.To family, more care, happiness forever, to love, more considerate, sweet forever, to friends, more tolerance, friendship forever, the ninth day of the first month, I wish you permanent happiness, permanent good luck, permanent luck.A greeting wechat, unicom friendship at both ends, happy to meet you, four seas memory friend, five methods to stop thoughts, six love memories, seven to eight I think of, long nine keep in touch, miss you very much.I wish: good luck for a long time, peace forever, happiness for a long time.On the ninth day of the first month, I wish you: good luck every year, double harvest in business and family, happy love sweet as honey, family harmony and happiness, I wish you everything.Good health, healthy to meet wealth;Family is good, hehemeimei ying joy;In a good mood, happy to meet hope;Good feelings, sweet meimei happy;Things are good, smooth li ying happiness;The ninth good, long long long welcome good.New Year’s day nine send blessings, warm greetings to my dear friends, I hope the blessing of the New Year is long and long, to accompany you a happy heart to live.In the New Year, I wish you peace for a long time, health for a long time, happiness for a long time, home and everything, have a good mood every day.New Year’s day bless for a long time, look forward to a long time, wish you sweet love for a long time;Happy for a long time, flexibly for a long time, I wish you a successful career for a long time;Auspicious for a long time, riches and honour for a long time, I wish you a happy life for a long time!