Babo Sports Premier League: Newcastle spend 100 million pounds on new money, quick results!Three successive premiership victories and four points above the relegation zone

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Newcastle united beat Aston Villa 1-0 in the 25th round of the Barclays Premier League on February 13 at 22pm Beijing time.Newcastle have won their last three premiership games and are four points clear of the relegation zone, having spent much of their winter spending to good effect.Newcastle fans cheered when Saudi Crown Prince Salman bought the club last October, believing it was on the verge of becoming one of the premier League’s biggest clubs.But the change of ownership has also affected the mood of Newcastle’s managers and the club’s performance has been Mired in the relegation zone and even dropped to bottom of the Premier League last year.Many fans of other clubs have scoffed at Newcastle’s possible relegation this season, despite Saudi money backing them.In an attempt to save the day, Newcastle brought in Eddie Howe and then brought in a succession of big signings in the winter transfer window.15 million euros for England right-back John Tripper, 28 million euros for the full release of the main striker Chris Wood from relegation rivals Burnley, 42 million euros for Brazil midfielder Guimaranes, villa left-back Target, 15 million euros for Brighton centre-back Dan Byrne.Newcastle spent 100 million euros on five major signings during the winter transfer window.According to Babo Sports (big Five, Champions League, World Cup), the winter signing has emerged as Newcastle’s new leader, scoring from a direct free-kick in the 35th minute to win 1-0.Tripper also scored a free kick in Newcastle’s 3-1 win over Everton in the last round of the Premier League.However, Tripper was substituted early in the game after injuring his left foot, and the Mirror says he left the pitch on crutches after the match, wearing a brace on his left foot.In addition, Newcastle’s other winter signings have also played an important role.Chris Wood and Dan Byrne also started for Newcastle, while Target was unavailable due to a loan waiver, but target had been Newcastle’s first choice left-back in the previous campaign.Guimaraes, Newcastle’s most expensive winter signing, has come on as a late substitute in two successive league games and could help further once he returns to top form.According to Babo Sports, Newcastle have now won three games in a row in the Premier League and are fourth from bottom on 21 points, four points ahead of third-bottom Norwich city with a game in hand.Newcastle manager Eddie Howe said: “We are in a good position at the moment, we are working very hard and there is no secret that we have won the last three games in a row.We played very disciplined, hard working, energetic, there was a lot of teamwork and team competition and the togetherness got to us.Credit to everyone and in the last three games we have done that.”