Beijing audience congratulates South Korea on winning the gold medal in speed skating!Korean media gloated: the entire Chinese team was wiped out

2022-06-20 0 By

The latest Beijing Winter Olympics short track speed skating men’s 1500 meters race, South Korea finally seized the opportunity to achieve a medal and gold breakthrough in this competition, by Hwang Dae-hun finally got their first gold medal in the short track speed skating project.While the Chinese audience on the scene were also warmly congratulating, the South Korean media ridiculed them, saying that China was completely defeated in this event, failed to reach the final and failed to threaten them to win the championship.I don’t know what you think of that, but let me know what you think in the comments section below. Thank you.Today in the evening of the 1500 meters race, China and South Korea each had three players to play, our side only as all in the semi-finals of the three players are all reached to the final, as all is sentenced to foul out in the semi-finals, as a result, China, there is no player to score to compete for the final and rival.On the Korean side, Hwang dae-heon showed his great strength and took the first place with almost seven laps to go, never to be overtaken by anyone behind him.Eventually Huang Daxian is 2 minutes and 9 seconds 219, pressure in absolute advantage of other competitor got the final champion, Canadian contestant got the silver medal, Russian contestant got the bronze medal, two Chinese athletes Liu Shaoang and shao-lin liu fourth and sixth respectively, two other south Korean player ranked fifth and seventh.After winning the championship, Hwang celebrated with his fingers in the air and hugged the south Korean coach on the sidelines, who was in tears.For them, this game is played very humbled, because we see them all three games in front of the war is seen as a foul, and so on a series of violations, frequent was sent out, the South Korea is very angry, we also see that the past two days of koreans frequently in appeal, including the appeal was rejected.Now they are talking about a higher level of appeal to the International Court of Sport, and even threatening to strike. Anyway, all kinds of outrageous things have been done in the past two days.I believe that this gold medal after taking the hand, the estimate may be painting style to change to be soft.After the match, several South Korean media pointed the finger at us, saying that the Chinese team, after the total defeat, the Chinese audience waving the five-star red flag suddenly fell silent, and then finally witnessed the South Korean won the final champion, and the three Chinese athletes failed to advance to the final.To win today, south Korean media said, is that they are with the international HuaLian including communication with the international Olympic committee (ioc) to visit a result, because of the actions of the previously proposed some protests, before this sentence appeared a lot of injustice, says now is the so-called unjust decisions reached an agreement.Korean this complacent schadenfreude, that also is not the first we meet, I think let us in the back of one of the 3 km to clear, China and South Korea in the women in the war of 3 km of relay are into the final, we are waiting for this game,Let’s see if our women’s team can try to get the better of their opponents and kick their butt.