My family’s New Year’s Dinner: Chinese New Year in hot pot

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For as long as I can remember, our family’s New Year’s Eve dinner is hot pot as the theme, in the rolling soup pot, recorded my twelve years of growth.Speaking of New Year’s Eve dinner, I don’t know if eating hot pot is unusual for people in the north, but it seems to happen every year in my family, and of course IN my family, I have witnessed the development of hot pot.It can be said that “eating hot pot every year makes a big difference.”Vaguely remember when I was a child, put the winter vacation home, my mother took me to the grocery store in the county, I was four or five years old, curious to ask my mother, “Mom, mom, what is this thing, why to separate the middle, this looks very good, he is doing what?”Mother told me that this is used to eat hot pot, left and right separate, when the time comes, while putting spicy, while not putting spicy, while adults eat, while children eat.So I urged myself to go home with this wonderful thing and look forward to the New Year.Year, we sat beside the tea table, a family of five people watched Spring Festival gala, enjoying the delicious, at that time, I found that adults are jostling in the “red river” to salvage the belong to their serve fish or fowl, and I don’t envy, I use my grabbed the advantage of the “half”, searching for the flavour that I like.Gradually, out of curiosity, I have tired of the taste of clear soup, slowly join the adults of the team, experience the spicy stimulus.I was eight years old.I heard that I like to eat Jiang Zhou hot pot, our hot pot family has added a new member – a copper hot pot.In order to eat the same taste in the restaurant, my mother chose the same dishes in the hotel, fried tofu, meatballs, prepared Chinese cabbage, carefully selected sweet potato noodles, Onions, ginger, garlic and so on.When I was a child, I like to put the adults mouth yuanyang pot compared to the Yangtze river and the Yellow River, adults occupy the Yangtze River, I keep the Yellow River alone, now have this copper hot pot, I always like to call it “three floors”, the bottom hidden carbon fire, the middle layer of a delicious cooking, the top layer of our family’s warmth.Maybe because of our influence, my sister seems to be born not afraid of spicy food.Soon join us in the hot pot.This year our New Year’s Eve dinner is still hot pot, the day before the New Year’s Eve shopping, I was my mother’s little helper, this time to buy back the freshest vegetables.Go to the supermarket do not need to hesitate, quick, dishes are in my mind, grandpa love to eat mutton, grandma love tofu, dad like to eat garlic oil dish, mother’s sesame seeds can not be missing, sister’s mushroom can not dare to fall.Our New Year’s Eve dinner is coming soon. The hot pot base material brought back from Chengdu is added into the big bone soup made by mother carefully, which opens the prelude of our New Year’s Eve dinner.The combination of meat and vegetables on the table was “delegated” by me, a gourmet expert.You a chopstick he a chopstick, you a he a, all the laughter with the hot pot heat emanation, filled the New Year’s eve night, but also brought hot hope.My naughty sister always toasts with me to celebrate our being one year older.Adults talk about the future of the younger generation, the younger generation listen to the adults of the red youth.In the movie See You Tomorrow starring Tony Leung Chiu-wai, there is a famous line: “Those who sit together for hotpot are all members of the same world. It doesn’t matter what we eat, but who sits next to us is the most important.”My mother often quotes this at the dinner table, and I agree.Perhaps the best thing about hotpot is that you can keep adding more and more, and it will last as long as you want it to boil, with enough love.Our family’s New Year’s Eve dinner is so simple, the waves of qing jiangxue, the wind turned in the evening as xia, meat and vegetable with sex cook, happy Chinese New Year.———— Liang Zunuo Zhao