Return blowout!East Hubei high-speed double toll war peak baochang

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February 17, China traffic radio news (reporter Making) on Feb. 16 (16), the east area of cold rain, but in the east high LuXiaoChi, huangmei, HongAn, wang, Wu Xue south entrance, flocks of in charge tooling, wear reflective logo trading staff, an scene hot charging double entry fees, the passenger traffic and service,Although the flow of traffic, but the scene orderly, fast passage.Huanggang city in eastern Hubei province is a major labor export city. Every year after the Spring Festival holiday and the Lantern Festival, it is the most concentrated stage of highway pressure.With the arrival of the 2022 Spring Festival Travel rush return peak, starting from the seventh day of the New Year, the traffic flow of huanghuang, Mayu, Mayyang, Wuying, Jiujiang Second Bridge north connection, Wuxue Yangtze River Bridge and other sections of “ten roads and one bridge” under the administration of Hubei Jiaotou Eastern Hubei Operation Company presents a “blowout” trend, with 148,000 vehicles passing daily, the traffic flow increasing 29.6% compared with normal times.In xiaochi, Huangmei, Wangji, Hong ‘an and other stations, the daily vehicle flow maintained a high level of 18,500 vehicles.In the face of severe pressure, the eastern Hubei operating company transferred its forces to key stations and moved down the command structure at the same time. According to the division of responsibility area, the company leaders led their teams to direct, supervise and participate in the maintenance work of the peak.According to the needs of on-site traffic protection, the company took the initiative to communicate with section management units in Jiangxi and Anhui, and held on-site consultations with local governments, highway administration and other cooperative units of high police, to deepen consensus and strengthen measures on deepening the security work of expressway Spring Festival transportation.Strengthen the early warning mechanism at all sections, inform each other of the traffic conditions at station entrances, release real-time road conditions across provinces, and prepare for emergency diversion at any time.Convenient, in order to service the vast number of passengers travel, the east operating companies in the toll station at all crossings, adopting double entry fees, prefabricated card, passenger and cargo separation measures, such as a driveway fees for the 2 car even 3 cars, each FeiTing arrange support staff to receive card, pass card, coordination of highway, high police law enforcement personnel in toll plaza guiding the passage of vehicles,Traffic is three times as efficient as usual.The comprehensive inspection department of the company strengthens the road condition inspection, carries out “nanny-style” operation and maintenance management on the charging hardware facilities, timely solves the technical problems, and ensures the normal operation of ETC charging system all day long.On February 16, the traffic flow of eastern Hubei Expressway exceeded 174,000 vehicles, and the traffic flow of Huangmeisuo and Wangji stations exceeded 20,000 vehicles, but all sections remained safe and smooth, showing a good situation of “no peak, more leisurely travel”, which effectively guaranteed the safe and smooth interprovincial expressway artery connecting Hubei, Jiangxi and Anhui provinces.