The top 11 Android secret security code you need to know

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Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world today, powering more than 2.5 billion devices.Also, if you’ve been using An Android device for a while, you probably already know the USSD code.USSD code, also known as “secret code”, is simply code used to unlock hidden actions in a smartphone.Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a user interface protocol that can be used to access hidden features in smartphones.To run any Android security code, you must enter it directly into the dialer.If you enter correctly, the code will automatically return a response, or you may need to press “Dial.”So what’s the most common Android security code?What exactly does a cipher do?1. *2767*3855# (Erase the device and reinstall the firmware) This is one of the most effective Android security codes and can be used to quickly erase all information on the device.Think of it as restoring factory Settings – add this code to the dialer and run it, and it will effectively erase all data from the phone and wipe it clean.This code takes the firmware one step further when reinstalling it, so it will work just as well as the new software.Caution: This is a hard reset that will erase everything, so use it only in absolute emergencies.If you don’t want to run a hard reset, this is the next best option.Similar to restoring factory Settings, this code simply removes all application data and any applications from the device.It then restores your device to its factory state.This is the best option if you don’t want to go the extra mile in resetting and reinstalling firmware and just want to remove any personal data, applications and application data from the device.This is great for your privacy if you’re selling your phone.3. *#06# (Checking the device’s IMEI) This is another important code that can be used to check whether the device’s IMEI is the same as that mentioned on the box.Most modern smartphones have IMEI printed on the back, but you can check with this code if you want to be sure.Simply open the dialer, add the code, and it will return the IMEI.If you do this on a Samsung Android device, it also displays the device’s serial number.This is very important for security purposes, especially if you buy used equipment.4. *#0*# (activate normal test mode) Android phone not working properly?You can be understandably suspicious of the third party that influences it.Type this code on your Android device and it will show you a number of different features, including: touch tests.Before the CAM.Light-emitting diodes.Key.Bar code emulator test.Device version.RGB test.Grip sensor test.If you suspect any root-level tampering on the device, you can use this pattern to test individual features.Each module can be tested discretely from the device version to the front CAM.A media access control address (also known as a MAC address) is a unique address assigned to each device.This is important because it can be used to uniquely identify a computer when it is connected to a network.If you have questions about MAC spoofing on the device, you can view the MAC address information on the device and collect statistics on the network to ensure that the MAC address is correct.6. *#*#4986*2650468#*#** (Critical firmware information) This code is important because it returns critical information associated with device firmware information.This code returns firmware information PDA, phone, hardware and RF call date or manufacture date.If you think someone has tampered with the firmware on your device, you can use this code to check the firmware information.7. *#*#7594#*#* if you want to change the power button, you can use this code.Instead of holding down the power button and selecting from the “Power menu” to turn off the phone, this code lets you turn off the phone without displaying the “power menu”.This code comes in handy when you want to quickly shut down a device with compromise.The next time you boot up, the device will require a password to protect your data in the event of device theft.8. *#3282*727336*# (Viewing system and storage information) This important code allows you to view system and storage information.You can also use this code to view statistics associated with data usage.While these numbers are hard to fool, it can be done.By running this USSD code, you can get accurate information about the internal Android system and available storage on your device.When using this code, any data consumption on the device will also be displayed on the screen.9. *#67# (Check call Transfer) Use this code if you want to know if your call has been forwarded to another number.This will tell you if call forwarding is active on your device, and it will also show you the number to which the call was forwarded.You will also know this if a call is diverted when your number is busy or rejected.In most cases, you’ll just think of it as your carrier’s official voice mail service.You can also choose to change this setting by going into Android’s Call Settings.10. *31# (Disable CALLER ID) If you want to protect your privacy and prevent others from knowing when you are calling them, you can use this code to disable caller ID.If you want to re-enable caller ID, simply add the code again.It displays a message indicating whether the service is enabled or disabled each time it is added.11. *#*#34971539#*#** (View camera info) With the last code in our list, you can view comprehensive information about your camera, including the number of cameras, maximum zoom, firmware version, and other details.Since mobile cameras now have multiple modules, this code can help you identify any instances of tampering with the camera’s firmware.Protecting your data using Android code and hackers It’s important to protect your data on Android devices.Android devices are vulnerable to a range of malicious software, so it’s important to install a decent antivirus program.Antivirus software will protect your data and regularly scan your phone for any malware.