Guangzhou men’s basketball and shanxi team after the end of the game, fans shed tears, siege Guo Shiqiang: please stay guo Guide

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On April 5, Beijing time, the first round of the CBA playoffs ushered in a focal battle, Guo Shiqiang led guangzhou men’s basketball team against Shanxi in the third round.In the regular season, the two teams ranked eighth and ninth, respectively, and the first two games, the aggregate score of 1-1, also fully demonstrates the strength of the two teams are very close.In the fan support, obviously Guangzhou men’s basketball team because of the existence of Guo Shiqiang, occupied a certain advantage.For the third round of the game, the result did not seem to attract everyone’s attention, after all, who lost and who won, are very normal, right after the game, guangzhou fans move everyone.After the third-round game between Guangzhou and Shanxi, fans mobbed Guo’s social media platforms, with some even using tearful emojis to demand that guo stay and lead the team in the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) next season.Are fans really speculating that Guo shiqiang will step down next?I don’t think so. Maybe it’s just the fans’ fear.At the beginning, Guo Shiqiang left Liaoning men’s basketball, the choice of the south, took over the low period of Guangzhou men’s basketball.At that time, many people did not believe guo shiqiang could achieve good results in Guangzhou Basketball Team, including some fans. After all, it is an indisputable fact that the foreign players of Guangzhou men’s basketball team are weak, and the local players are not very good. It is difficult for Guo Shiqiang to lead the team into the playoffs on his own.Surprisingly, Last season, Guo fully tapped the potential of the team’s young players, and even trained Zhu Mingzhen as a member of the Chinese national basketball Team, leading the team to a late comeback against The North Kong men’s basketball team and a successful run to the playoffs.Guo shiqiang became the hero of guangzhou men’s basketball team.This season, guangzhou men’s basketball club in the investment is still small, but this does not affect guo Shiqiang’s team to achieve good results.In the regular season, under the leadership of Guo Shiqiang, Guangzhou men’s basketball team scored more than 100 points per game and made only 14.3 mistakes, ranking 18th in the league. In particular, the fast break percentage was as high as 73.2%, ranking 6th in the league.These achievements, and Guo Shiqiang’s tactical adjustment and personnel arrangement is not unrelated.For example, Chen Yingjun, as the initiator of the team’s attack, Guo Shiqiang gave him full trust in the technical and tactical arrangements, and most of the attacks were initiated by him, and Chen Yingjun did not disappoint Guo.He averaged 19.1 points and 4.7 rebounds in the regular season, especially 9.2 assists per game, ranking second in the league. This is the strength of Guo shiqiang’s talent. He knows exactly what the players should do on the court, and really implements the right skills and tactics with the right people.Of course, in the training of young players, Guo Shiqiang’s contribution to guangzhou men’s basketball team is not small.Just looking at zhu mingzhen’s development trajectory, Guo gave him 32.9 minutes per game in his first CBA game last season, and Zhu returned the favor by averaging 9.6 points and 3.5 rebounds.This season, Guo shiqiang increased the training of Zhu Mingzhen, the average playing time increased to 35.5 minutes, but also in the technical and tactical arrangements, give him full trust, Zhu Mingzhen’s average data continued to soar, the score is even increased to 12.9 points, such results, enough to make Zhu Mingzhen into the next Chinese men’s basketball team.From the fans’ point of view, it is to see the progress of the team, guo Shiqiang’s head coach to guangzhou team pay.Therefore, no matter how the achievement of the guangzhou team this season, they do not want Guo Shiqiang will leave, even, no Guo Shiqiang leaving fans is also ahead of time, men’s basketball team in guangzhou after the match, with shanxi siege Guo Shiqiang social platform, leave a message below, hope it can leave to continue coaching, hopefully Guo Shiqiang could hear the fans voice,Good luck to Guangzhou men’s basketball team and good luck to Guo Shiqiang.