Qinghai Doba Compulsory isolation and drug treatment Center organized a group study of party Committee theory study

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On February 16, Qinghai Doba Compulsory isolation and drug treatment Center organized a collective study meeting of theoretical Study Center group of Party Committee.Nie Jing, Party Secretary and director, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.Leading group members, heads of all units and party branch secretaries shall attend the meeting.The meeting focused on the important article “Striving to Become a Pillar of The Country capable of Carrying Important Responsibilities” published by General Secretary Xi Jinping in Qiushi Magazine, the spirit of the National Organization Ministers’ Conference and the Communique of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Commission for Discipline Inspection.The spirit of the seventh session of the 13th Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress and the fifth session of the 12th Qinghai Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference were conveyed and studied.Two middle-level leaders combined with the actual work of the key exchange speech.Meeting thinks, xi jinping, general secretary’s important speech, stands in the historical and global strategic height, focus on the party’s cause new generation and the national security, scientific grasp the constructing reality of the cadres and young cadres growth rule, vision and mingle, runs through the marxist stand point method, is full of deep penetrating truth theory philosophy,With a strong political, ideological, guidance, targeted, for the majority of party members and cadres, especially young cadres to work pointed out the direction of progress, to strengthen the new era of cadre team construction provides an important follow.Unified ideological understanding, the meeting pointed out that all the police grasp the spiritual essence, earnestly the thought and action unity to xi jinping, general secretary’s important speech spirit and provincial CPPCC spirit, further enhance learning new theory, new ideas of political consciousness, thought consciousness and conscious action, stress the police staff thought foundation, steadily push forward place each work.The meeting stressed that first, we must unify our thinking and grasp the spiritual essence.Leading officials at all levels should take the lead in upholding the principle of “two priorities” and “two priorities”, devoting themselves to the overall development of their localities, having the courage to assume responsibilities, being good at taking actions, and participating in developing and enhancing their capabilities.We should strengthen the building of the contingent of qualified personnel, do a good job in the reserve of qualified personnel, pay attention to the training and training of young officials, identify and inspect officials at the front line and at their posts, and do a solid job in the selection and appointment of officials.Second, we need to raise our political standing and fulfill our new mission.Closely around escort the party’s big and 20 provinces 14 times congress of the main line, to boost the spirit, unity, carry on real responsibility, vigorously promotes the safe, stable strictly implement all measures to do a good job of normalized epidemic prevention and control, continue to consolidate deepen the party history study education and education team consolidation results, further unified ideological understanding, clarify the work way of thinking, clear goals,Strengthen the implementation of responsibilities, to ensure that in 2022, new achievements will be made in the workplace work, to meet the success of the 20th CPC National Congress and the 14th Provincial Party Congress with excellent results.Third, we need to strengthen our sense of responsibility and promote the spirit of practical work.We will further improve our work style, foster new practices, and uphold integrity. We will strengthen our leadership, promote the spirit of leadership, and strive for effective results. We will ensure that the guiding principles of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions and instructions, as well as the major decisions and plans of the CPC Central Committee, provincial Party committees, leading Party members’ groups, and Party committees in bureaus and departments are implemented and effective.Disclaimer: Reprint this article is for the purpose of passing on more information and benefiting the popularization of law.If any source is wrong or infringes your legitimate rights and interests, please contact Qinghai Law Popularization with proof of ownership, we will correct and delete it in time, thank you.