The production method of “coat” of Bing Dwen dwen was revealed exclusively. The order was increased by 200,000 yuan, and the factory went into full production

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Beijing News Shell financial news (reporter Zhao Fangyuan) benefited from the Winter Olympics “with goods” strength, the mascot “ice dun dun” appeared “a pier hard to find”.At present, the bing Dwen Dwen mascot and other figurines have been sold out and removed from the shelves, and many netizens have left messages asking for official replenishment as soon as possible.On the evening of February 6, Beijing News Shell Finance contacted Dongguan Zhongsheng Silicone Rubber Products Co., LTD., the manufacturer of bingdundun silicone shell, and learned that the factory had received a replenishment order. At present, the employees have returned to work overtime.”I didn’t expect that Ice Dwen dwen would be so hot. I was called back to work at a short notice, and the workers were rushing back to work.”In 2007, Li Yingui founded Zhongsheng silica gel. Thanks to the company’s strong RESEARCH and development strength, the 2019 Beijing Winter Olympic Games team confirmed Zhongsheng silica gel as one of the manufacturers of r&d and production of ice mound silica gel shell after investigating many manufacturers.Bing Dwen Dwen is a combination of a panda image and an ice crystal shell, reflecting the characteristics of winter ice sports, according to the Beijing Olympic Team.The panda’s head is decorated with a colorful halo inspired by the “ice Ribbon”, the national speed skating venue for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Flowing color lines, a symbol of ice and snow sports track and 5G high-tech;The head shell is modeled from the ice and snow sports helmet.”A panda is an ordinary panda,” said Lin Cunzhen, a senior expert at the Cultural activities department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee. “It became Bing Dwen Dwen because of its shell.”Li Yingui, who just got off the highway and returned to the factory, told Shell Finance that on February 4, the company received an order of 200,000 ice Blocks silicone shells, which were required to be delivered before March 10.In the year before, the company has delivered about 50,000 silicone shells.”Bing Dwen Dwen is assembled, divided into silicone shell and plush doll two parts, by the plush toy manufacturer Jinjiang Hengsheng after ordering production, and then shipped to Jinjiang Hengsheng assembly.”Li said it was difficult to produce bing Dwen dwen because it was the first time that the silicone shell was used on the Winter Olympics mascot.Li Yingui recalled, although the company has rich production experience, but it is the first time to produce winter Olympics products, and such a large size of silicone shell.The transparency of Bingdun products is very high, and it is very difficult in the silica gel process. The structural design, mold opening, mold testing, debugging, production, the production of ice ribbon and the material of raw materials are all challenges.Silica gel on mould figure/respondents for silica gel on mould figure/respondents for figure into the machine shaping figure/respondents for demoulding figure/respondents for figure set of colorful ice ribbon part figure/respondents for stick figure games logo/respondents for figure “at that time we are in a race against time, Beijing Olympics team asked us to take out the solution in one day.After a day and a night of hard work, our team finally conquered the difficulties and was recognized by the Beijing Olympic Winter Games team.”Li Yingui said.The process of making the shell of ice pier is also very complicated. The mold should be cleaned and polished first, and then the silica gel is put on the mold and sent into the machine for molding.Demoulding process is very fine, can not have a little damage.After the completion of the product, the Olympic rings and rainbow into the product, there are also very big technical challenges.Li Yingui admitted that the factory only has 20 employees in the production of ice blocks, according to the existing mold, about 800 pieces a day.”However, we will overcome the difficulties to speed up production and try our best to fulfill the orders.”February 7th ice Dun Dun fire!Winter Olympics cultural and creative concept stocks are strong, as of press time, Cultural investment Holdings, Yuan-long Yatu both trading limit, Chinese industry, Wensli, Vosges shares with up.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.