Mobile phone and bag are missing, the driver of the van after three days of long distance only found 23 yuan, 388 yuan high-speed fare how to do

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Yu Wenwen correspondent Zheng Xiang Zhou Ping “di…”Recently, Xu Meilu, the monitor of charge collection at the upper toll center of Zhejiang Transportation Group, received a strange friend request: “Excuse me, are you the girl from the upper toll station?”Xu incredulous added each other’s wechat, a 500 yuan transfer immediately came into view.Xiao Xu just remembered that driver.It was snowing at noon on February 21. A sudden sound of horns sounded in the toll lane above the Zhejiang Provincial Transportation Group.”There should be more…”A van pulled up in the driveway. The driver’s eyes were red and he was muttering. He rummaged through the van, his dark face more anxious as he heard the truck honk behind him.”I really don’t cheat, I from shandong to Quzhou deliver goods, long-distance car opened a few days, now the car only find this 23 yuan change, you let me go first, I guarantee a arrive deliver goods ground to give you dozen money come over.”It turned out that the driver Chen had been on the highway from Linshu Station in Shandong province for three days and arrived at Quzhou section of Hangzhou Xinjing Expressway in Zhejiang Province. He could only stay in the service area for one night because of heavy snow and traffic police’s traffic control.When the road was unsealed in the morning, he hurried along with the traffic and got off the expressway. When he drove to the toll station to pay, he found that his bag and mobile phone were gone, and he couldn’t afford the 388 yuan toll.At this point, waiting in the rear of the payment of the vehicle kept whistling urged, is the scene of snow removal charge monitor Xu Meilu immediately ran over to understand the situation.After learning of Master Chen’s actual situation, she paid all the tolls in advance.Master Chen gave xu 23 yuan of change in his hand.”Master, who go out without a difficult place, you already have no money on the body, and the mobile phone also lost, this small change you keep first.”Xu reminded Master Chen not to worry, snow and ice weather pay attention to driving safety.Master Chen red eyes more red, he took the initiative to get off to shake hands with small Xu, and wrote down the small xu’s mobile phone number, promised the next day will be 388 yuan tolls.But two days later, the driver did not see a phone call, colleagues also joked that xu paid the toll “wasted”.Xu said with a smile: the teacher did encounter difficulties, he is in a foreign land, we should lend a hand, I also believe he will come back, to help him, I am very happy.”I’m sorry I’m a day late.”Now Chen has added xu’s wechat account on his own initiative, and returned 388 yuan of tolls to Xu, and transferred more than 100 yuan to express his gratitude.Xu said, thanks received, she gave the extra 100 yuan back to Master Chen.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.