The nearly 6,000 Yuan Google Pixel 6 Pro was teased by a popular blogger: The experience is too bad to switch to the S21 Ultra

2022-06-23 0 By

As Google said at the event, this year’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are the most varied generation in the history of the entire Pixel series.From the design, to the home-grown Tensor chips, to the new big-back CMOS, this year’s Pixel 6 series will be a very competitive high-end flagship in the mobile market, but so far it hasn’t been well received.Marques Brownlee, a popular blogger with tens of millions of followers, teased Google’s Pixel 6 Pro on Twitter on January 15.”The Pixel 6 Pro experience has gotten worse and worse since October, and I no longer recommend it,” Marques Brownlee said, adding that the recent update made the experience worse by plugging the SIM back into the Galaxy S21 Ultra.Since its launch, users have reported that the Pixel 6 Pro has suffered from a jammed screen, slow fingerprint unlocking, ghost dialing, lost signals, dropped calls and more — so many bugs that it’s hard to believe it’s supposed to behave like an $899 flagship phone.