We have new expectations for the New Year

2022-06-23 0 By

“Spring Festival” is the most special of a node in a year he always remind those things we each look forward to a time that will happen since this is the year of a kind of universal application, good expectation is each person gives the holiday to the province’s specific glad because of the New Year we “blue friend” launched a new questionnaire together how to define?What does Chinese New Year mean to you?What are you looking forward to in the New Year?From the questionnaire, we can see that the “year” of firefighters is… because it is difficult to buy the ticket home after the Chinese New Year, but this year you finally buy the mood of “fishing” before the holiday, everyone will have it. This year, you are still on duty 24 hours a day.It’s looking forward to it, too. If someone wants to come home with you… Great, congratulations.But higher is love you may also want to mother said are not expensive because in your heart is even more expensive her happy every time to celebrate the father’s words are also beginning to more have a chat just once a year after the job every year to visit home to see their parents, you at the end of the outbreak of the in the mind silently make a wish and must find a time is the last time with mom and dad go out to travel home for 17 yearsRemember grandma at home is always in your pocket in a red envelope no matter how long my grandma always think of you when the fund was shy you now also want to her you say is your most memorable scenery outside the window of a street lamp lights each lamp is to illuminate the way home train speed is 250 km/h, but every time you will dream of the car home I most often do is by busSend a message to your parents as soon as you enter Dali Prefecture:Fast is fast in response to the national call you decide to refund the ticket on the Chinese New Year pictures back before turning the tears suddenly couldn’t help but to buy a bunch of necessities to the family of the missing package back to you in this year the Spring Festival gala together in heavy combat gear in seal airtight combat boots tied with a full set of protective gear sitting in front of the television set down nearly 50 pound although Spring Festival gala show unusually brilliantBut as long as the bell rang as a professional habit you will be rushed to the fire brigade rushed to the scene you think happiness is can make a phone call to my family in the Spring Festival evening…… but sometimes you can hesitated for a long time before the phone because that in it should have a together, happiness of a family during the Spring Festival what should dial this number after dialing under about yourself and what to say…… “the lights decayed,In all, I am the night man, “this is our year…… than the old Chinese New Year is more like a remind remind we rest a while and family stay for a moment to enjoy a different from due to Chinese New Year to tame everyday happy New Year wishes may not necessarily true but must have a new look forward to New Year source: yunnan fire