12 years of Entanglements (up to the reader)

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On Friday, the high-speed train couldn’t contain my eagerness to see him.Xi and I got to know each other at a friend’s party. (My friend encouraged me to go to Guangzhou to relax in order to ease my mood since the marriage lawsuit had been filed, but this damned relaxing trip started my 12-year journey of three feelings.)KTV, light and shadow crisscrossed, wine I, drunk.Drowsy drowsy sleep, suddenly I rise, rushed into the bathroom, outside the door “ni” 1, confused intuition told me is to call me.Confused between I walked out, see oh, is an acquaintance, weak feet can no longer support me, I fell, only to feel a pair of powerful hands hold me.The feeling was carried into the KTV room, regardless of, continue to sleep, anyway can not drink.Go to sleep.When I woke up, I only knew that I was back in the hotel in Guangzhou (the one I was going to invest in with my friend). He lay half by the bed and was relieved to be fully dressed.Suddenly a strange feeling came over me…In this way, I met Xi