“Cold war to protect peace” Hubei public security: snow, as scheduled;Police, never far away

2022-06-24 0 By

Source:Pingan Lake north snow, as expected to police,Never far from since January 21, xiangyang, hubei shiyan, enshi, usher in the snow in hubei province on January 22 to start the level IV emergency response to meteorological disasters (blizzard) around the hubei province public security organ for snow patrol, security guards chang, duty, clear the snow and cold wind siege in busy with a hidden cyanine fluorescent yellow snows in use practice action to protect the promise of peace shiyan public security not afraidCold with a stick to beat snow remind vehicles safe passage to the alpine cold road hidden perils in safety remind vehicles safe passage for vehicles to install chain help cart salt snowmelt an average elevation of 1700 meters of enshi xuanen early in the morning, snowing in road traffic patrol police alert traffic safety to help the driver to install chain of snow,Always melt peace on the road “police” always accompany!