In qinghai area of Qilian Mountain National Park, the patrol mileage is 33.5 times of the earth in one year

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Qinghai news network, big beautiful qinghai client – March 9 in the evening, qilian mountain national park, temple ditch standing member of the management of the cattle of the management to grasp after a day of western literature, management of natural resources in the area have been destroyed, had stolen by poaching is his patrol and protect the content, a decade or two kilometers a day for him is the norm.The reporter learned that in the Qilian Mountain National Park qinghai area of 40 management and protection stations, there are 1265 active management and protection like niujiaxi Literature.In 2021, they will patrol 44,000 times, covering 1.347 million kilometers, equivalent to 33.5 times around the earth.Under their care, the ecological environment of Qilian Mountain National Park continues to improve.Qilian Mountain National Park covers a total area of 50,200 square kilometers, including 15,800 square kilometers in Qinghai Province, covering Delingha City, Tianjun County, Qilian County and Menyuan Hui Autonomous County. The Qilian Mountain straddles Qinghai and Gansu provinces, and is an important ecological safety barrier in western China.Since the launch of pilot area in qinghai qilian mountain national park system takes the lead in exploring the village two committees “+” community participation should be sharing mechanism, select a representative in the national park community village to set up the “+” the village two committees LianDian village, by establishing the protection mechanism, propaganda, education, and development work, strengthen national park and communication of people in communities,Continuously explore new paths, new models and new methods for the coordinated development of ecological protection and the improvement of people’s livelihood, realize the full coverage of resource management and protection grid, form a relatively complete ecological protection management system, and effectively guarantee the effective operation of ecological protection in Qinghai area.With the progress of science and technology, an intelligent patrol control system has been established in Qinghai area of Qilian Mountain National Park. Handheld patrol terminals are distributed to front-line rangers to realize the organic combination of scientific and technological patrol means and traditional patrol, and dynamic monitoring and management is achieved by equipped patrol terminal equipment.Qinghai’s greatest value lies in ecology, its greatest responsibility lies in ecology and its greatest potential lies in ecology.On the premise of “prioritizing ecological protection”, the Qinghai area of Qilian Mountain National Park comprehensively strengthened the protection of the authenticity and integrity of the ecosystem, and the ecological environment continued to improve.The latest monitoring data shows that forest steppe within their respective jurisdictions and water ecosystem, wetland ecosystem health is stable, the overall improving trend more than two-thirds of the vegetation, grass degradation trend contained, river annual runoff and compared to an average 27.5% increase for many years, the surface water environment quality achieve Ⅱ class above, continue to enhance water conservation function.Protecting qinghai’s ecological environment is a “great nation”.The cadres and people of all ethnic groups in Qinghai have always kept in mind the instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and taken it as their duty to protect the “Water tower of China”.Up to now, qinghai has 145,100 custodians of various types involved in ecological and environmental protection.