Insomnia, waking up in the middle of the night?A medicine bubble water, clear the heart, in addition to trouble, depression, let you sleep

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With the rapid development of era, the life and work pressure increasing, many people will appear insomnia, sleep in the middle of the night, to sleep at night, listless during the day, affect the normal work and life, over time, will cause the exhaustion of body and mind, doctor liu today to share medicinal herbs, simple bubble water, help you to improve sleep quality.Chinese medicine believes that insomnia is actually caused by heart and kidney do not pay, because our heart is fire, located in the upper coke, kidney water, located in the lower coke, heart fire down in the kidney, so that the kidney water is not cold;Renal water by heart, make the heart Yang is not in port, water transport, maintain heart kidney Yin and Yang of dynamic balance, this is heart kidney intersection, fire and water both economic health, if the heart can’t drop in kidney and alone in port, kidney water not to heart and cohesion, there will be a kidney and heart failure, at this time the body will be shown as some symptom such as insomnia, difficult to fall asleep, be agitated,.Today to share this medicine is called polygala, it is just sex of medicinal materials, warm taste, bitter, into the heart, kidney, lung, can rise to benefit heart kidney, nerves resolve depression, expectorant: role, for some heart kidney is not caused by mind absentminded, insomnia forgetful, palpitations easily frightened, blinded judgment, dote stay crowd has a good improvement, god can help heart Yang, good mood,Can also make the kidney qi in the heart and calm intelligence.Yuanzhi can transport the heart and kidney, so that the heart and kidney return to the balance state of both water and fire, the heart and kidney, water and fire are in balance, some insomnia, irritability, depressed phenomenon naturally alleviated, usually can also be with Ophiopogon, raw with the good medicine called Nourishing Yin.