The Splash brothers combined for 43 points as Golden State beat Sacramento for its eighth straight win

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The Golden State Warriors beat the Sacramento Kings 126-114 at home for their eighth straight win in the NBA regular season on Feb. 4.Thompson had 23 points, seven assists and seven 3-pointers to lead Bryant in career 3-pointers. Curry had 20 points and seven assists and Kuminga had 18 points and seven rebounds.Davyon Mitchell had 26 points and eight assists, Barnes had 25 points and five rebounds and Damian Jones had 17 points and five assists for the Kings.Klay Thompson, the star of the game, hit a milestone tonight, shooting 7-9 from 3-point range and 6-6 at one point, adding five rebounds and seven assists in his best performance since returning.At 8:08, Curry and Moody hit a 3-pointer to stop the Kings with a 3-pointer.Damian Jones hit a free throw, Mitchell drove for a layup, Klay responded with a 3, Damian Jones caught a mid-range and Mitchell hit two 3-pointers in a row.Klay took the ball in the left corner for a 3-pointer, Barnes converted a dragon shot over Klay, and Mitchell singled Curry for a layup.Jones blocked Rooney’s drive to payton, but Rooney added two more points on the rebound.Barnes hit a 2-and-1 with his back to Poole, peyton hit a 3-pointer from the bottom corner, and Wiggins was wide open from midrange.End of first quarter, Warriors 34-23 Kings.In the second quarter, golden State got a steal from Mitchell, who countered a dragon throw to metu for an open dunk, before Klay exploded and hit three 3-pointers to finish with 17 points on 6-of-6 shooting.Damian Jones stopped the bleeding with a 3-pointer, but Klay hit another 3-pointer, and then klay helped Poole with a layup to give the Warriors a 48-28 lead.Lee and Jones drove to the basket, Klay shot lee to end, Barnes back Curry turned to release the basket.Kunminga hit a hook over Jones, Mitchell hit a floater, Lee caught Anderson in the bottom corner for a drift 3, Kunminga held the ball over Halliburton, turned and wiped it in for a dunk, Damian Jones lobbed high, Metu put it over Anderson.Mitchell then burst for seven 3-pointers, Barnes added a 3-pointer and Poole hit a near-buzzer jumper to give the Warriors a 73-54 halftime lead.Easy side to play again, Harkless counterattack to help Holmes dunk, Curry transition offensive breakthrough against Holmes to advance, Wiggins European step shot, Harkless, Mitchell continuous difficult, Kings chasing 14 points.Klay took a moody 3 to stop the bleeding, Harless put it in the low post, Curry beat Mitchell on the outside to defend the 3, harless caught the ball under the basket, turned and dunked.Wiggins hit a 3-pointer, curry fouled Harlis for the fourth time, Lee dribbled the ball from the top of the arc straight through the Kings defense for a layup that was easy, and Metu turned and hooked kuminga with his left hand.Wiggins dribbled a jumper through the basket, klay split the ball and Khuminga made it through the meto, and Hield hit a near-buzzer 3-pointer to give the Warriors 94-83 at the end of the third quarter.In the last quarter, Curry, Anderson and Kuminga played a wonderful three-way match. First, Kurikuminga screened to steal Anderson, who immediately threw the ball high to kuminga.Mitchell answered on a 2-and-1 drive, and Jones blocked Anderson on a basket before Jones fouled him and made two free throws to give the Kings seven points down, 89-96.Curry dribbled a dunk for Kunminga, klay made a dragon pointer and Lee made a 3-pointer as the Warriors pulled back to double digits.Anderson dunks kuminga under the basket, hiard makes a 3-pointer, but then the Kings suddenly lose power, Curry steps back and makes a mid-range shot, warriors steals in succession, Kumin speeds up the back dunk, Clay also makes a 3-pointer, Anderson steals a dragon basket, warriors lead by 20 points!Curry also had a 3-pointer, Barnes turned a top in a difficult 2+1, and Halliburton missed a 3-pointer.In the end, the Warriors won their eighth straight game.Warriors: Klay, Wiggins, Rooney, Moody, Curry Kings: Barnes, Harless, Holmes, Mitchell, Halliburton (