Earth’s oldest find: What is it, how old is it and what value is it to science?

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According to modern science, our planet is 4.54 billion years old.It’s hard even to imagine such a time scale, but in terms of the length of human life, the value is comparable to eternity.People have been interested in what happened in the early days of their parent star, but if, for example, archaeological finds can still be found hundreds of millions of years old (for example, we recently talked about such a crab), then objects or objects that are billions of years old are rare.What happened, however, is that the objects discussed below are the oldest objects ever discovered.In the arid region of Western Australia, scientists have discovered a 4.375 billion-year-old crystal of zircon.Using atomic probe tomography, the translucent post-magmatic ocean zircon is a small, dense crystal.The discovery is about 100 million years from the moment our planet emerged.400 µm cathode luminescence image of zircon (University of Wisconsin-John Valley) Zircon is a fairly durable material (Mohs hardness 7-8).Supposedly originating from cooling igneous rocks, it roamed rivers, oceans, deep in the earth’s crust and on the surface for billions of years.Several such crystals have been found, some of which contain closed bubbles and are of great value to science.Opening and analyzing these pores will help researchers understand the atmosphere shortly after the planets formed.