To provide more samples of “Sanya practice” for the construction of free trade ports

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A reporter from Sanya Daily asks a question at a press conference on the results of the “Year of Institutional Construction” action in Sanya.News from our Correspondent sun Qing (reporter Liu Yingying, intern Liu Tingting) On the morning of February 10th, the press conference of the results of the city’s “Year of System Construction” action was held.The spokesperson answered questions on how Sanya will solve the long-standing problems left over from the history of real estate, the significance and current progress of the reform of the “Direct Linkage Office”, and the priorities of the “Year of Institutional Implementation” in Sanya.In response to the question of how Sanya will promote the settlement of long-standing problems left over from the history of real estate, relevant spokesperson said that Sanya will strengthen coordination by strengthening policy support in accordance with the “Year of institutional Construction” and the principle of respecting history and putting easier issues before more difficult ones.Carry out classified rectification to promote the resolution of problems;By summing up the experience and consolidating the improvement effect, we intensified efforts to resolve a number of remaining problems in real estate projects.Since the implementation of the Opinions on Properly Solving Some Outstanding Historical Problems in the Real Estate field of The City on September 3, 2021, a total of 1,381 households have handled real estate registration.Next according to continue to implement “system construction” ZhiXingNian “system” of the relevant requirements, the real estate problems left over by history of the city overall MoPai “leave no dead Angle”, reflect the problem and provide clues for the populace open channels, to advance the real estate problems left over by history disposition also provide powerful guarantee.When asked about the significance of the reform and the current progress of the reform, the spokesperson said that the reform is a pilot task assigned to Sanya by the Provincial Party Committee and a realistic need for grassroots social governance in Sanya. Sanya has adapted to the general trend of urban-rural integration in Hainan Free trade port.Introduced the sanya on adhere to the party leading the grassroots governance to establish joint “straight” working mechanism of the implementation of the plan, the purpose is to build a service at the grass-roots level, the flexible mechanism of the masses, make resources, power, realize real-time scheduling functions, through the urban and rural grassroots governance and service “the last kilometer” of the people’s livelihood, the promotion center and key task to carry out the work,We will encourage Party members and officials to change their work style, reach out to the community and the people, coordinate timely solutions to prominent problems, and take the initiative to respond to public concerns.According to reports, since the trial in October 2021, the various mechanisms of “direct linkage” have been gradually improved, the joint efforts of departments have been significantly enhanced, the efficiency of hotline handling has been significantly improved, the solving rate of problems and the satisfaction rate of people’s return visits have both been above 99%, the number of orders returned without reason has decreased by 87%, and the overdue rate has reached a new low.When asked about the priorities of the “Year of Institutional Implementation” campaign in Sanya, relevant spokesperson said that sanya held a “Year of institutional implementation” campaign and a mobilization meeting to optimize the business environment on January 6 this year, which officially launched the “year of institutional Implementation” campaign.The action will “learn from CCB excellence” throughout, there are mainly “four three” work focus: the first “three” is to carry out extensive publicity and mobilization, extensive strengthening of learning and education, extensive cohesion of social consensus.The second “third” is to continue to standardize the internal management system, continue to improve the external rights system, and continue to improve the rule of law planning.The third “three” is to focus on improving the operating system of the business environment, properly addressing issues left over from history, and highlighting system integration in key areas.The fourth “three” is to dynamically adjust the list of rights and responsibilities, dynamically carry out evaluation and optimization, and dynamically condense execution cases.In addition, relevant speakers shared sanya’s achievements and experience in various areas of business environment.In 2021, The government affairs environment of Sanya will become more efficient, and the reform of “one door”, “one window”, “one network” and “one time” will be deepened. 80.47% of the examination and approval service items will be handled online, 196 frequently handled items will be handled on the spot, 520 enterprise service centers will be set up, and the service mechanism of “Just say yes, never say no” will be implemented.The province took the lead in the online enterprise policy comprehensive service platform, enterprise policy “one network do” “sunshine cash”;The market environment is more relaxed. Relying on the “Hainan E Registration” platform online, the “Special window for Enterprise Opening comprehensive Service” is set up offline, reducing the opening time to 1 working day.In terms of the supervision of Marine tourism, Sanya further strengthened the management of Marine tourism, and explored an integrated system to promote the development of new forms of Marine tourism in Sanya from four aspects of legislation, planning, supervision platform and industry norms.At the same time, China has taken the lead in developing a series of new forms of tourism system in China, which has achieved some initial results. In the future, on the basis of the “Year of System Construction” action, China will continue to deepen the implementation of maritime tourism project management and governance, and constantly consolidate, deepen and improve the institutional achievements.