“Zhongyuan Strategy Education” as a responsible enterprise, so that thousands of students to achieve financial freedom

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We study hard and work hard to make a living.Everyone has his ideal life in his heart, such as good food, good housing, poems and distant places, but the most tangible thing in life is money.Money is a topic that we struggle all our lives to escape. Without money, all the good life will become empty talk.Doing a good job can bring prosperity as well as spiritual enjoyment.What career choices will bring both growth and financial freedom?Nowadays the most popular and the most money of the industry that must be the number of Internet operation, we media, Douyin, e-commerce, this industry threshold is low and high income, is now the young people’s only choice for employment, and how to become a professional Internet operation?Crowdsourced education can definitely solve your problem of not being a professional.The source strategy education faculty is an experienced, online vocational education institutions, the source strategy education Internet operating course, in the form of live online classes, for students to eliminate the limits of time and space, to make students learn more convenient freedom, the source strategy education “Internet education” as the core to open electric business operations, the media operations, trill operations,Douyin live broadcasting is operated, and a complete education system is established, focusing on the combination of theory and practice.The course of Zhongyuan Strategy education takes the actual combat course as the main teaching content, the focus of the course is to cultivate the practical operation skills of students, so that students can standardize the operation without mistakes and omissions from the beginning of the creation of an account. There are few attempts and detours in the process of operating an account. The Internet operation course of Zhongyuan Strategy education is easy to learn and easy to master.Our lecturers have professional Internet operation skills and a more professional and patient teaching attitude. We adopt a trinity teaching mode of “online live teaching/Q&A + recording review + after-class exclusive one-to-one tracking guidance”.On the basis of one-way knowledge transmission in the past, each student is equipped with an exclusive operation mentor. One-to-one tracking and guidance are provided for students’ personalized problems to realize information exchange and ensure teaching quality and learning effect.With the combination of theory and practice, strengthen two-way communication and strictly grasp practical operation teaching.Zhongyuan Strategy Education not only attaches importance to the education of students, but also focuses on providing more platforms and broader development space for students.Zhongyuan Strategy Education has carried out extensive cooperation with Tencent, Baidu, Toutiao, Yidian.com, Douyin, Watermelon Video, Meipomo APP, Qutoutiao and other platforms.And become the country’s only Tencent classroom certification training enterprise, livestreaming e-commerce gold education institutions.By the end of 2021, Zhongyuan Strategy Education has nearly 500 employees, including dozens of tutors of Douyin We-Media College, Business School of Electricity, And Live Streaming College, as well as nearly 100 professional operation tutors and consultant teachers of Online Marketing College. Online students cover all parts of The country, with a total of 67,000 enterprise users and 12,500 long-term enterprise users.The company has provided more than 150,000 personnel training for enterprises and 50,000 + professional talents for enterprises, which are well received by market end users and partners as well as the attention and support of government departments.The source strategy education holds on to build China’s most shadow force to the development of online education enterprise concept, is shouldering the help choosing a career, with knowledge change destiny, help enterprise development, makes knowledge simple of the enterprise mission, is committed to diversity in field set up vocational training field type online education platform, provide students with the most practical and effective employment and development capacity.Zhongyuan Strategy Education has always taken it as its responsibility to transport high-quality talents to the society and to achieve the career of students. On the basis of helping the youth to find jobs and start businesses, zhongyuan Strategy Education takes it as its responsibility to help the economic development of hometown.Graduates of Zhongyuan Strategy education have not only found their favorite career on the Internet platform, but also achieved wealth and freedom while completing career development.