Hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau held a symposium on “giving play to the function of capital market to serve hebei’s economic development”

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On March 31, Hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau, together with the provincial financial Bureau, the provincial department of industry and information, the provincial department of science and technology and other provincial departments held a “play the function of the capital market to serve the economic development of Hebei” symposium.The conference focused on giving full play to the function of capital factors, increasing the proportion of direct financing, accelerating the cultivation of listed resources, promoting the function of funds, building regulatory synergy, strengthening policy coordination and other topics for discussion, listening to the opinions and suggestions of market subjects on the capital market to better serve the economic development of Hebei.The symposium was hosted by the hebei Securities Regulatory Bureau, and some listed companies, securities and futures management institutions and private equity institutions were invited to attend.The meeting pointed out that the number of listed companies and backup enterprises in Hebei has maintained rapid growth in recent years, the business layout of securities and futures institutions has been optimized, and the capital market has provided strong financial support for local economic development.However, it should be clearly realized that the development status of Hebei’s capital market does not match the economic size of Hebei, and there is an obvious gap compared with advanced provinces and developed regions.The meeting agreed to further increase the proportion of direct financing, give full play to the role of the capital market as a core hub, accelerate the formation of innovative capital, promote high-level circulation of science and technology, capital and industry, and serve local efforts to build a new development pattern and high-quality development.Hebei province securities regulatory bureau chief, said hebei securities regulatory bureau will enhance the political stance, based on “two overall situation”, “head of the country”, the correct understanding and grasping the characteristics of the capital market and behavior rule, in the supervision of the main responsibility for the main, for capital market orientation and the swimmer, further condensed, made departments of local government, industry association, the intermediary institutions,Constantly optimize the prefecture capital market environment, solid foundation to promote the national stock market, bond market and futures market, private markets and hebei comprehensive docking, improve capital market policy, the effective supply of products, services, technology, better play to the capital market resource allocation function, in order to speed up the construction of modern economic strong province, beautiful hebei make a positive contribution.(Editing by Zhang Mingfu)