Youngest athlete in China’s Winter Olympic delegation!Yunnan 17-year-old Peng Qingyue will make her debut today

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According to ski jumping schedule in yunnan province, 17 years old young Peng Qingyue will usher in game 1 on February 5 data figure after two days before the official training Peng Qingyue already familiar with and adapt to the track on Feb. 5, 45 points she will debut her personal standard units of Beijing Olympic ski jumping project in zhangjiakou February 3 national ski jumping center formally started the athletes’ gamesDong Bing, Peng Qingyue and Song Qiwu, three newcomers of the Chinese Ski jumping team for the Winter Olympics, all appeared in the training.Because of the two days of zhangjiakou has been windy, it has brought a certain challenge to the athletes practice.As the new face of the Winter Olympics, peng Qingyue, 17, is the youngest athlete in China’s Winter Olympics delegation. For her, how to play stably and express herself in a team of elite athletes is a matter of self-adjustment before the competition.According to the rules of ski jumping, a trial round must be included in the competition, and the athlete may decide whether to jump in the trial round.The athletes with the top 30 points in the first round can compete in the second final round.The women’s individual standard ski jumping platform will kick off on February 5.Peng will have her trial jump at 17:45, and if she finishes in the top 30, she will compete in the final round at 18:45.After the first two days of formal training, the hardware facilities and appearance design of the National Ski Jumping Center “Xue Ruyi” were well received by many competitors.Pan Yu, a provincial technical officer, said, “Our track has stood the test. We will evaluate the track every day and fill potholes in time.After a few days, both Chinese and foreign athletes spoke highly of our track.”It is understood that Peng Qingyue will participate in the mixed standard platform competition on February 7 after the competition ends on February 5.Chen Degen and Liu Rongsheng, two young cross-country skiers from Yunnan Province, will compete in the men’s double pursuit event at Zhangjiakou Cross-country Ski Center on February 6.Come on team China!Yunnan athletes come on!Source: Yunnan Published editor: Chen Huiji Review: Xu Fengxiang