Against the wind!The Ministry of Ecology and Environment reported a COD removal agent interference online monitoring data case

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On February 8, 2022, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment publicly notified a case of “COD remover” interfering with online monitoring data in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, which violated the law.This is following January 2021, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment notified shaanxi Shenmu sewage treatment plant environmental illegal case, the local investigation and investigation of another “COD removal agent” interference online monitoring data typical case.In January 2021, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment publicly reported an illegal case of shenmu Sewage Treatment Plant in Shaanxi Province using “COD remover” to interfere with online monitoring data. The relevant illegal behavior was severely punished according to law, and the responsible person was detained. The ministry urged local governments to take the case as a lesson and severely punish similar illegal problems according to law.Over the past year, local ecological and environmental departments have continued to strengthen the law enforcement inspection of sewage treatment industry, and a number of environmental violations have been seriously investigated and dealt with in Beijing, Zhejiang and other places.Among them, the public security organs of Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province and the department of ecological environment discovered an illegal case of using “COD remover” to interfere with online monitoring data, again sounding the alarm for illegal enterprises “hidden rules”.After the environmental illegal case of Shaanxi Shenmu Sewage treatment plant was reported, Huzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau (Environmental Investigation Detachment) and the municipal ecological environment department attached great importance to it and strengthened coordination and linkage. Through the analysis of big data such as network sales and transportation, it was found that relevant enterprises in the area were suspected of using “COD removal agent” to interfere with online monitoring.Municipal and county public security and ecological environmental protection forces immediately organized investigation according to the clues of the problem. After verification and elimination one by one, they finally locked the existence of major illegal suspicion of Changxing Xintiandi Environmental Protection Technology Co., LTD.In May 2021, local public security and ecological environment departments selected the night production period to conduct surprise inspections according to the production and sewage discharge rules of the enterprise, directly arrived at the sewage treatment site, and found and fixed illegal evidence.An on-site inspection revealed that the company had added “COD remover” through a white plastic pipe to the sampling port of the online monitoring facility.The video of the company’s wastewater discharge port shows that the company has repeatedly added “COD removal agent”, suspected of interfering with online monitoring data.After sampling and analysis, the main component of the “COD removal agent” is sodium chlorate, which can not really remove COD in water, but masking the COD online monitoring facility determination process, resulting in low COD determination results.According to the investigation, in order to reduce the COD online monitoring value, the company injected “COD removal agent” into the sampling port of the online monitoring facility for many times over a long period of time, so as to achieve the purpose of interfering the online monitoring value.At present, Changxing Xintiandi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. because of illegally adding “COD removal agent”, was identified as by tampering, forging monitoring data to evade the supervision of illegal discharge of pollutants, suspected of environmental pollution crime.Huzhou’s ecological environment department ordered the illegal enterprises to stop their illegal activities and transferred the case to the public security organ, which has taken compulsory criminal measures against the four suspects.Next, the ecological environment around the department should always keep strict advocate tone, continuously optimize the law enforcement way, increase the efficiency of the law enforcement and earnestly learn from huzhou city ecological environment department and the public security organs coordination good practice, such as using good big, iot, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) remote sensing data and other modern technology, continuously improve the ability of finding problems,We will severely crack down on prominent illegal activities such as tampering with or falsifying monitoring data in accordance with the law, and punish those who are willing to take chances and put the law to the test. This will effectively provide a strong legal guarantee for green development.Tampering with data may result in sentencing According to industry insiders, adding “COD remover” is something that many people in the industry know is not on the table.The official designation of this as tampering with data means that those caught could face not only financial penalties but also prison sentences.The Ministry of Ecology and Environment has repeatedly warned that it is strictly forbidden to use all kinds of illegal chemicals or interferers, and falsify data. Sewage treatment plants should take the case as a reference, and timely report and eliminate the environmental impact in case of emergency exceeding standards.Why does adding “COD remover” tamper with data?Does not remove COD, but can interfere with COD measurement results why adding “COD remover” is considered as tampering and forgery of monitoring data?Industry experts point out that the so-called “COD remover” does not remove COD, but will interfere with the determination of COD process, affecting the determination results.”COD remover” is sodium chlorate, a strong oxidant, but it can only play the oxidation capacity under certain conditions, that is, high temperature and other activation conditions.Sodium chlorate is added in the process of ordinary sewage treatment, because there is no activation condition, there is no oxidation, and then there is no effect of sewage treatment.”However, if sodium chlorate is added to the sewage in a short period of time, if the sewage sample is taken away for COD determination, because potassium dichromate must be added in the COD determination process, there is an activation condition of high temperature digestion, then sodium chlorate will have oxidation, and its oxidation capacity is much stronger than potassium chromate.COD measurement, measurement is the consumption of potassium dichromate, potassium dichromate consumption more, the higher the concentration of pollutants in sewage, on the contrary, the lower the concentration of pollutants.Because sodium chlorate is reduced by organic matter of trivalent chromium and re oxidized into hexavalent chromium, resulting in less consumption of potassium dichromate on the surface, the measured COD concentration is low, the original COD concentration is not up to standard.So essentially it’s cheating, it’s a way to cheat the regulators.”Experts say.The industry insider said that since data tampering has been included in the criminal law, enterprises not only face economic punishment, but also the parties may be sentenced. Therefore, in recent years, related behaviors of data tampering have been converging a lot and the deterrent effect is obvious.According to the case, since 2017, a sewage treatment plant in Chongqing has been notified by the environmental protection department for several times because of the excessive automatic monitoring data.Factory director Liu mou, operation director Li Mou, equipment maintenance personnel Tu mou and others conspire to forge online monitoring data, and tu Mou specifically implemented the forgery of online monitoring data behavior, resulting in a large amount of excessive sewage hidden discharge into the external environment.In March 2018, jiangjin District People’s Court fined the sewage treatment plant 300,000 yuan;Liu a term of imprisonment for one year and four months, fined 20,000 yuan;Li mou fixed-term imprisonment of one year, a fine of 10,000 yuan;Tu some imprisonment for one year, a fine of 10,000 yuan.Similar sentencing cases have zhejiang sewage treatment plant Xu turned off the monitoring system, reset the relevant detection instruments, resulting in data distortion was found, was sentenced to environmental pollution, sentenced to eight months in prison, suspended for one year, and fined 20,000 yuan, etc.”However, the means of tampering with data are also becoming more subtle.”He noted that in the past, some common methods of tampering with data have been at the request of sewage treatment plants or in collaboration with third-party operators to tamper with data from monitoring instruments. This is the first time that the extremely covert method of adding “COD remover” has been exposed.Disclaimer: The above content is reprinted from micro LINK chemical, the content does not represent the position of this platform.National Energy Information Platform Tel: 010-65367702, email:, Address: People’s Daily, No.2 Jintai West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing