Suibin County, Heilongjiang province: The snow and ice world is more fun with lanterns and decorations

2022-06-27 0 By

News (reporter Gao Wei) Auspicious tiger xianrui, New Year blessing, Heilongjiang Suibin County ice and Snow World during the Spring Festival “closed”, so that the county people enjoy the fun of ice and snow activities while celebrating the festival.In suibin Ice and Snow World, lanterns and flags are everywhere, filled with the joy of the New Year.The amusement site came from the tourists bursts of laughter, a happy and peaceful scene.”I love coming to the Ice and Snow World,” said Zhang Yan, a tourist. “I feel very happy that I can experience ice and snow fun with children and parents here.”Tourist Zhang Qiufen said, “My children are on winter vacation. I brought them here to play.On the one hand, it can increase their outdoor activities, and on the other hand, it can enrich their holiday life and leave wonderful childhood memories.”It is reported that suibin County Ice and Snow World has launched more than 20 ice and snow entertainment projects, including high ski, snowmobile, human gyro, snow balance vehicle, children’s snow spinning saucer and other dynamic fashion, exciting and fun ice and snow experience projects.The Ice and Snow World will operate normally during the Spring Festival, and the first day of the New Year will see a small peak in passenger flow.Many residents enjoy watching ice and playing with snow as one of the family activities during the Spring Festival. Together, families not only enhance emotional exchanges, but also leave unique memories of the Spring Festival.Wu Ju, director of suibin Snow and ice World, said that during the Spring Festival, some local residents will bring their relatives from the south to the snow and ice World, so that they can feel the unique taste of snow and ice in the north.