Recently, in the face of being sprayed by fans to eat sea cucumber, the new men’s national football team strong resistance, the reporter to maintain the national football team

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In the face of eating sea cucumber incident, the new men’s national football team showdown!Even the reporter also defended the national football players, does the Chinese women’s football team admit that eating instant noodles is wrong?As we all know, the National football players still have two matches to play in the top 12. If they don’t play well, they will probably be overtaken by Vietnam and become the bottom team.Because the current national football team 5 points in the group the second last, Vietnam team 3 points row in the group the first last!If China loses its last two round of 12 matches, Vietnam only needs to win one game, then Vietnam will surpass China by 6 points, leaving China at the bottom of the group!At that time, the national football players really have no face to see the folks!On the first day of the first lunar month, the National football Team lost 3-1 to Vietnam, which made people cry.On the sixth day of the 1st lunar month, The Chinese women’s football team defeated the Korean women’s football team 3-2 to win the 9th Asian Cup.Only, one is to let people cry, the other is to let people move to cry!And the following fans for the Chinese women’s football team pay raise, is also more and more, at the same time, fans of the National football team pay cut appeal is also more and more!According to relevant media platforms, most Chinese women’s soccer players earn 5,000 to 6,000 yuan a month. Even wang Shuang, one of China’s top women’s soccer players, earns only 500,000 yuan a year, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the tens of millions of yuan a year for national soccer players.While the Asian football confederation, and some enterprises are amply rewarded the Chinese women’s football association, total nearly 40 million yuan, but China’s women’s leadership points go part of the staff take part of coach component part of the remaining to carve up the player, and then pay part of the tax, each player to get his bonus high probability without actually 1 million yuan!Although Zhang Linyan got 100,000 yuan bonus from her hometown government and Captain Wang Shanshan got one million yuan bonus from her hometown, it was nothing to mention for them to run 10,000 meters all day long.According to wang Shuang’s elder brother, the distance that wang Shuang has to run a day even exceeds 15000 meters, want to know, a men’s football match only runs 1200 meters, 1300 meters at most!Wang shanshan also revealed that the night after winning the title, they did not celebrate by eating and drinking, but by eating instant noodles!Therefore, there is no ordinary hardships, which have today’s World Cup champion!According to the platform, Wu Xi, the captain of the National football team, revealed that they have been eating sea cucumbers!This also caused a strong dissatisfaction among fans, which led to a series of events in which fans called for salary cuts!This also lets the national football team some players uncomfortable, isn’t it?According to a report on Tiger Football at 3.37pm, a newly minted men’s national football team has come to a showdown with the public over their eating of sea cucumbers, venting that he can eat whatever he likes if he wins, but can drink whatever he likes if he loses.But, WHAT I want to say is: yes, you earn millions, tens of millions of dollars a year, and you lost to Vietnam. Two more games and you are really at the bottom of the league!Since eat sea cucumber, abalone every day, to live up to these nutrition, live up to the country, each enterprise to your investment, is it wrong for fans to spray you?I don’t know if you agree with me.However, the reporter (Zheng Xiaowei), who has more than 12,000 followers, also defended the players, saying that eating sea cucumber is not incompetent players, saying that the Chinese women’s football team is also a frequent customer of sea cucumber!He also cited a report from Xinmin Evening News that there are sea cucumbers and abalone in the Chinese women’s soccer team every day. If the men’s soccer players can eat it, the Chinese women’s soccer girls will eat it every day.But here’s what I want to say: Did the Chinese women’s soccer team admit it was wrong to eat instant noodles on the night they won the gold medal?What do you think about that?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!