The sixth day of the first month “no taboos”, just “do 3 things”, meaning good luck six six shun

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On the sixth day of the first lunar month, the Spring Festival holiday will come to an end, which is also a small peak for the return journey of the Spring Festival. Many friends who go back to their hometown for the Spring Festival will set foot on the way back on this day.”March 69 outward, is a good omen”, the sixth day of the first month is a lucky day, is also a good day to travel, symbolizing June 6 good luck, good luck.In addition, in the traditional customs, people think: although some places in the fifth day of the first month to receive the god of wealth, the “five poor”, “poor ghost” sent out, but there are still a part of the poor ghost in the folk refused to leave.So, in the fifth, which this two days, the custom of the grand thing is “poor”, people set off firecrackers, cleaning and other way off “the poor”, in “god of wealth”, which means people want at the end of the holiday away bad luck, poor, athel loren, worry and bad all bad luck, bad things,To greet the New Year with health, peace, good luck ~ in addition, in people, customs, also pay attention to do three things: first, Yi fertilizer in our country ancient times, from the first day to day, the first lunar month is “8” after age, namely “for dog day for chicken, 2, 3 for pigs, 4 for sheep, for five days cows, 6 for the horse, 7, 8 of the valley.”It is said that this is from the legend of the creation of Nu Wa: “Nu Wa first created chickens, dogs, pigs, sheep, cattle and horses in six days. After accumulating experience, she created people on the seventh day. On the eighth day, people learned to plant grain.”The sixth day is Horse Day, which is known as “yilou” in ancient times. People clean dirty toilets and pay homage to the toilet god on this day.Farmers will also start preparing for spring ploughing on this day, and horses will be harnessed to start the field and pull carts. The farm work in the fields will be busy.Two, the opening of the city people in the fifth day of the fifth road after the god of wealth, on the sixth day of the first month, shops are officially opened for business, and to set off firecrackers, door panels are also affixed with “good luck, everything goes well” red couplets, to show good luck.I hope the god of wealth will bring him and his family good fortune, the shop business all the best, fortune, high life, money rolling in.In the past, the owners and shop assistants would shake the abacus violently on this day, beating the steelyard with the beam, making the shop ring with a sound, which means “ringing ringing, good luck”.Now, if urban areas are not allowed to set off firecrackers, electronic firecrackers are used in front of some shops.The sixth day of the first month is the date of the birth of the Buddha, also known as the burning lamp tathagata, fixed light tathagata, ingot light tathagata, universal light tathagata, light tathagata, etc..Dingguang Buddha appeared in the past, is the Buddha for Sakyamuni Buddha recorded.All the buddhas of the three generations said: “Past Buddha, present Buddha, future Buddha”;The present Buddha is Shakyamuni Buddha, the future Buddha is Maitreya Buddha, and the past Buddha is The Shining Buddha.On this day, the general believers to the temple to pray, eat vegetarian to show its piety.If you visit Dingguang Buddha, it means that Buddha will give you light, so that your heart will not be dark, not because of paranoia and persistent troubles, in the New Year, there will be a bright light around you to guide you to embark on a beautiful journey.The sixth day of the first lunar month is not only a release of old habits and things, but also a farewell to traditional customs and the beginning of a new journey.On this day, people believe that it is a good day for going out and playing, implying good luck, liuliushun, yishun baishun.Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival with a history of more than 4,000 years. By far, it is the most important festival in the hearts of Chinese people.The traditional New Year custom is the product of the agricultural age. The rich traditional folk activities and profound festival etiquette not only enrich the “New Year flavor”, but also express people’s aspirations and expectations for a better life. People rely on it to express their emotions, inherit and standardize their life.The Folk customs of Spring Festival have been officially included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage list by The State Council.The continuation of folk customs not only promotes the harmonious relationship between people, but also enhances the cohesion of the nation.With people’s material and spiritual life increasingly rich, customs are changing, but people’s good wishes and vision for the future has not changed, I hope that the Traditional culture of the Spring Festival is not just staying in memory, carrying the rich traditional culture of the Spring Festival is not more and more “thin”……Every day of firewood, rice, oil and salt let us on the trivial and complicated cooking things have not “as if first” feeling, but but, “regardless of gains and losses, oblivious to myself, enjoy it” is still our unremitting pursuit every day.Love life, love food, and share delicious food and stories with you.This article is the window to see the rain of the small turtle editor original, code word is not easy, bad we media plagiarism, handling.Like me ~ attention!Thumb up!Support me