These factors are also generally considered when pairing performance pigeons with performance pigeons

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Achievement pigeon pairing is a practice that many pigeon lovers do, especially some pigeons that do not know the pedigree.However, in order to improve the success rate, it is generally recommended to consider these factors when pairing performance pigeons.First, is not the same type or even the same competition result dove.The results of different events can actually vary widely.Pigeons that do well in the same types of events have higher mating rates.Second, the color of pigeons’ feathers should not be too different, or the color of pigeons’ feathers should not be too complex.Feather color is also an important consideration for pigeon fanciers when they don’t know their pedigree.Too much plumage can be a good thing, leading to greater diversity in offspring, but when it comes to breeding, it’s not such a good thing, doing more harm than good.Third, if the pigeon score is good, we should also pay attention to the physical quality of the pigeon.Like how good the skeleton is, how good the muscles are, how healthy they are and so on.Some pigeons fly well occasionally, but some physical problems are passed on to the next generation, which makes it difficult for the next generation to fly well.