Yan ‘an Pagoda: hands extraordinary teacher incarnation of fire fighters

2022-06-28 0 By

Some time ago, baota District extended service attached primary school family hospital residents suddenly home smoke billowing, under the emergency, the teacher on duty Sun Zhiqiang, Ren Ningning to help, emergency treatment, this to avoid the occurrence of greater danger.Ren Ningning, a primary school teacher affiliated to Yan ‘an Vocational and Technical College, said: “When I came here, the whole window was full of smoke, and the corridor was also full of smoke. Finally, THE door didn’t open.Ren teacher immediately called the teacher also on duty Sun Zhiqiang, two people knocked on the door again failed, decided to enter from the window.With the help of a neighbor, Sun climbed in.Yan ‘an vocational and technical college affiliated elementary school teacher Kyon: from the window come in later, at that time because of the heavy smoke, very choking, because when I came in, I know it must be the kitchen has a problem, because there are a lot of anxious burnt flavour, so I just squat down, touch touch find kitchen, find the kitchen then turn off the gas button for the first time.But when I turned it off, it still lit up, so I found a wet rag and put it on, and finally put out the fire.With the cooperation of Sun Zhiqiang, Ren Ningning and other residents, the fire danger was completely eliminated.Later Sun Zhiqiang learned that the subject forgot to close the kitchen stove fire when he went out, thanks to the two teachers put out in time, the subject also expressed gratitude to the teachers.Yan ‘an Rong Media Center