Jiangxi Ruijing photovoltaic comprehensively improve customer satisfaction and market reputation

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Jiang Xirui crystal solar technology co., LTD., established in January 2008, is engaged in crystalline silicon solar cells, components, photovoltaic system engineering, solar application products research and development, manufacturing, sales, and photovoltaic power station construction as one of the high-tech photovoltaic enterprise, is xinyu “0.1 trillion project” key enterprises, key enterprises in jiangxi province, jiangxi province, one of the leading photovoltaic enterprises,It has been awarded the titles of “Excellent Enterprise in Jiangxi Province” and “Top 100 Electronic Information Enterprise in China”.Quality is the life of an enterprise.Jiangxi Ruijing Pv implements advanced quality management mode and strives for excellent performance.Adhering to the core values of “customer as the center”, following the quality policy of “quality first, full participation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction”, unswervingly take the road of “entrepreneurship and innovation, win-win cooperation”.By improving quality management, strengthening technological innovation and focusing on customer experience, we will comprehensively improve customer satisfaction and market reputation.In 2016, Jiangxi Ruijing invested more than 5 million yuan to improve product testing projects, providing a basic guarantee for product quality.Through strict and comprehensive testing to ensure the high standard of product quality, truly customer-centric, to provide customers with safe, reliable, high-quality products.At present, the company has a high level of testing ability, with advanced insulation pressure tester, high and low temperature humidity and heat box, ULTRAVIOLET experimental box, high pressure accelerated aging box, PID detector, scanning electron microscope, quantum effect, small particle life detector and other testing equipment.Not only that, the company’s battery workshop is introducing EL and color automatic sorting machine, the performance and appearance of the battery is fully checked, to ensure that every battery is high quality products.