Surprise benefits to tianjin Veranda car purchase discount of 13,000 yuan, looking forward to your visit

2022-06-30 0 By

Now a car?To save more money?To worry?To offer?To lavish gifts?They’re all here today!4S shop – GAC Toyota Tianjin Meili Xing Baodi Store Veranda limited time promotion, from now to March 31, the price will be reduced by 13,000 yuan, welcome you to the shop to open more surprise benefits, store address:Tianjin Baodi District, Yuhua Street, Nanhuan East Road, South promotion time from February 27, 2022 to March 31, 2022, preferential terms, in-store insurance, in-store brand, The latest quotation of Veranda model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range tianjin quotation double engine 2.5LTwo-drive leading version 205,800 yuan 13,300 yuan 192,800 yuan dual-engine 2.5L two-drive premium version 239,800 yuan 13,300 yuan 226,800 yuan dual-engine 2.5L two-drive science and technology edition 242,800 yuan 13,300 yuan 229,800 yuan dual-engine 2.5LTwo-drive deluxe edition 228,800 yuan 13,300 yuan 215,800 yuan dual-engine 2.5L four-drive deluxe edition 241,800 yuan 13,300 yuan 228,800 yuan 2.0L two-drive leading edition 171,800 yuan 12,200 yuan 159,800 yuan 2.0L2.0-L Four-wheel drive science and technology edition 226,800 yuan 226,200 yuan 218,800 yuan 2.0-L four-wheel drive distinguished edition 226,800 yuan 212,200 yuan 214,800 yuan 2.0L2.0L Four-wheel drive deluxe edition 207,800 yuan 120,200 yuan 195,800 yuan 2.0L Two-wheel drive deluxe PLUS edition 208,800 yuan 120,200 yuan 188,800 yuan 2.0LFour-wheel drive Deluxe PLUS version 209,800 yuan 12,200 yuan 197,800 yuan two-wheel drive deluxe PLUS version 238,800 yuan 113,800 yuan 218,800 yuan two-wheel drive deluxe PLUS version 243,800 yuan 13,300 yuan 238,800 yuan