A letter home to youth

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Spring silent precious little stream, tree shade according to the water love sunny soft.Love can be very deep, love can also be very shallow, sometimes hidden in a casual sentence, sometimes hidden in a page of black and white.In the era of hurry, letters restoring ancient ways have also become a “leisurely leisurely” emotional interaction, infiltrating the heart.Slower, slower…A little more time together.Children and parents always cherish attachment, not good words between, a letter sustains hidden feelings.Branches and leaves total affection, word between you and me.A stroke under a few gorgeous words, complex decoration, there is only a simple transmission.Through letters, the vagueness and longing of youth appear on the page.Dear Father, How do you do?The fleeting time is like shifting sand and twinkling stars all over the sky. It is neither gorgeous nor simple, but stays in the depths of our hearts. Even if we use our hands to grasp, we can not hold this small nostalgia.Such is time, though I run through these days, that I must miss it.Lower the head is the sea of books, the rise is the future.Longitudinal eyes, I have entered the golden age, the second year of life has been more than half.”Don’t you see, high hall mirror sad white hair, such as hair twilight snow.”Time in a hurry so that we have to look back, as if between, your black hair more than a few silk gray, thin face added some “wealth phase”, and I am thriving, trying to hold the fleeting quicksand in my hands.Unfortunately, time will not stop, not to go back, like the withered flowers, until next spring bloom again, will not be this flower now.But you know what?Your teachings to me are not like the quicksands of time, sinking in a hurry;Nor is it like the twinkling of all over the sky, fleeting.Your teachings to me are more like the eternal polar flowers, fragrant enough to fill my whole heart.What impresses me most is the encouragement after that failure.That day, I suffered a great setback, the school ranking dropped more than ten places.Back home, you lightly encouraged me a few words, then no longer ask.I find it strange that other parents don’t scold their children.Why do you act like you don’t care…For a long time I find you after taking a bath, timidly ask: “why did I test bad, you seem not a bit panic?”You just said, “Why panic?It’s no use me panicking!””But, but aren’t you afraid that I won’t get a good high school?Aren’t you afraid I won’t go to college and…It’s so common to have a college degree these days, aren’t you afraid I won’t have a future?”Then you were like the fragrance of autumn fruit, which calmed my weeping heart like the summer flood.I was most impressed by the sentence, “It doesn’t matter, dad what kind of people have seen, you may not find their own way, not enlightened, but one day, you will like the wings of the roc, soar.Just be yourself. Reading is the cheapest way out, not the only way out, and I’m sure you can do it.”You always look at my failure in a careless way, encourage me, but when I succeed “pour cold water”.Pride goes before a fall, I know, but I’ve never been so proud of myself.You do not know, I still have people I want to surpass, I do not want to my youth only to regret the end……I know should not be decadent, I like the idol all have not experienced the pain of struggle, all have not experienced the pain, I and they compared, bear or too little, too little.I don’t know whether I can become the protagonist of my own life, for the way forward, I also have confusion, now the only belief is to be admitted to a high school for the present I can not hope, wish me wish.At the end of the letter, I remembered something you said to me: “Go ahead, son, and see the distance.Don’t wait until it’s all over before you start confessing. Self-assessment is a good thing, but it’s not a reason to beat yourself up to the ground.Start boldly being yourself and impress everyone before your next confession.”Quicksand, though passing, will not stay;The stars are endless, but still can not find the same.I will put my eclipsed time freeze frame in that moment, freeze frame in the flowers wither before a second – it is still brilliant;As for my future, my success…Don’t worry!I will go as fast as I can.At this point.From your daughter Yanxin (Chen Yanxin, advisor, Gong Dandan, Fanghua Campus, Guangzhou Zhenguang Middle School) to your father, dear father, Please see me when you see me.After this year’s Spring Festival, THE rapid rebound and spread of COVID-19 scared me.But at the same time, in this raging epidemic, I also feel proud, PROUD of my motherland is so strong, proud of the motherland can have such a group of brave, not afraid of sacrifice of the anti-epidemic fighters.Also for you – my father, an unknown, ordinary to no longer ordinary people’s police and proud.The epidemic has separated many people from each other.In the face of the epidemic, people show different attitudes. Some are at ease in sorrow, while others are rising up. You, my father, are one of them.Remember the night you left home, you touched my hair top said to me softly: “the short separation is for a better reunion.”After that night, my father “walked out” and I didn’t see or hear him again for the better part of a month.I was afraid, father, that you would never come home, like some hero on the news.One night, in the middle of the night, a rustling sound came into the room. I opened my eyes and saw a warm yellow light squeezing through the crack of the door, as if trying to break through the darkness of the room.I heard my father saying, “SHH, keep your voice down.””I know.”Now THAT I’m awake, it’s really you home.I quickly got up from the warm bed, quietly opened the door, through the small crack of the door, I saw you sitting at the table, with a bowl in your left hand and chopsticks in your right hand.You eat in a hurry. You pick up a vegetable and quickly take a few mouthfuls of rice and swallow it.Look at your hair again, unlike your half moon “away” before as neat and smooth, messy, in the back can vaguely see a few naughty short hair has been a silver light.”Baby her mother, help me take a mask, I eat a few more.”I heard you going away again, and I didn’t care if you scolded me for staying up at night.”Creak!” I opened the door. “Are you still going?”You find the source of the sound turned to look at me, I finally saw the half moon of the people’s police face, this is a face I will never forget.Bloodshot eyes, chin has grown black, originally slightly round cheek now has concave down, usually repeatedly ironed smooth police uniform are full of wrinkles, a bit like your face “deep” wrinkles.This proud middle-aged man can not help but make me feel distressed.Father, you always say: “capital youth should have capital patriotism.The people’s police are not afraid of hardship, fatigue and sacrifice.”Yes, each era has its own spirit and each generation its own mission.The younger generation should cultivate a strong sense of patriotism, be brave enough to shoulder heavy burdens, and be the builders and successors of the socialist cause capable of shouldering the heavy responsibilities of The Times.You see, in this year’s battle against the epidemic, a group of “post-90s” and “post-00s” people, with the belief that “if there is a war, we will return, and the war will be won”, walked against the wind wearing white armor, and some even fulfilled this vow with their lives.All this shows the selfless spirit and quality of the Chinese people, which is the national spirit gathered by thousands of contrarians!Father, I am proud of the motherland, also proud of you!Finally, I wish you good health and everything goes well!Your daughter Deng Keyi (Grade 7, Grade 1, Shilou Middle School, Panyu District, Guangzhou, Deng Keyi tutor: Huang Xiaoyan, Li Yanying) wrote a letter to her mother.Spring to fall to another season, a year is in a hurry, but my heart is full of fighting spirit, down every stroke.Mom, I once tried to write you letters on overlapping sheets of paper, filled with every sweet and bitter thing I wanted to say to you, but before they even got in the envelope, they fell into pieces of all sizes and were discarded in the slips.But I don’t think this letter will follow the same path as its predecessor.Mother, you may feel strange, usual “mother” was replaced, may be “mother” more solemn and great.As the saying goes, the mother of the world is the same great, although you are not so beautiful, can be a face of cosmetics princess how can be comparable to the weather-beaten queen.You always try your best to satisfy all my requirements and give me what I want. Even if you have delicious food, you are not willing to eat it, but choose to leave it to me.I wasn’t the best kid, but I always thought mom you were the best one, maybe out of selfish reasons like you always favored me, or maybe you were the best one!Mother, they say time changes.When black beautiful beautiful black hair gradually faded it should have color, inadvertently, there was white.Women, there are always some love of beauty, knowing that white hair also have a chance to become black, old also have a chance to become beautiful, but you gave up this opportunity.The reason is so complicated, economy, family and so on, but that center is not me?As all mothers want, let her daughter eat well, wear well, smile every day, healthy, happy to grow up, this is the best return.There is often a scene on television of a woman looking into a mirror, pressing her slender fingers against the hem of her dress and muttering mournfully, “I’ve got another crow’s feet.”I can’t laugh or cry.The passage of time, the skin of the person how won’t become flabby, how won’t produce wrinkle?In my opinion, she did not experience the “own children’s fun” good time.If a mother can regard her children as the most important part of her life, whether it is a little princess or a little lover, then she will not complain about the traces left by the passage of time, because they witness the growth and happiness of her children.I know we are both inarticulate people, but neither of us is stingy with our love for each other. I hope you will not be absent at any important moments in my life.Mother, I find I can’t stop what I want to say to you, so stop here.All the best!Your favorite daughter Chen Feiyang (Chen Feiyang, Fanghua Campus, Guangzhou Zhenguang Middle School Advisor: Gong Dandan)