Xiaoshan Future Community has an AI brain, a community cockpit, property management can be active

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Zhang Yunshan community intelligence will bring what innovation experience?”Let science and technology serve humanity”, the first full-scene future community of digital society in Zhejiang — Guali Colorful Future Community in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, Sensetime AI has delivered an answer.Sensetime and Zhijiang Qicai Cloud Group work together to give full play to the leading edge of both sides in the field of global artificial intelligence and community operation and maintenance integration, and promote the construction of digital intelligence in the future community through the mode of combining new construction and transformation.Under the background of Chinese Community 3.0, qicai Future Community will be built into a comprehensive and modern community that conforms to the future development of the city and meets the integrated needs of residents for study, work and life.Carrying the “AI digitalization” management capability of Qicai Future community is the “digital twin, scientific property and integral service” based on SenseCore AI device. The comprehensive cost reduction and efficiency increase and the green and low-carbon operation mode will significantly improve the community operation and maintenance efficiency and residents’ happiness.At present, it has become a representative model of digital community operation and maintenance in China.Digital twin, build future community cockpit 24 hours a day, open the operation and maintenance platform at any time, you can view the latest status in the entire community digital interface.Whether it’s temperature, humidity, air quality, or the number of remaining Spaces in the parking lot, it can be monitored in real time.When abnormal events occur, it will automatically pop up a prompt, lock the corresponding position, view the playback video, and master the task processing progress.The seamless flow between the digital interface and the physical environment, like a “community cockpit of the future”, is the “digital twin”.Digital Twin Future Community Operation Center Digital twin integrates space, time, people, things, assets and other information, breaks data islands, and maps them to a unified digital interface, bringing comprehensive visualization, analysis, and scheduling management mode.By connecting the “nine scenarios” of the future community, the digital twin platform establishes a unified data link for community operation, realizing efficient data collection, data supervision, data analysis and data closed-loop.Let any situation in the community have evidence to follow.Science and technology property, so that the passive response to active management of the “drip drip” system prompt, a vehicle stopped at the fire channel, the personnel on duty immediately received the system automatically issued a reminder of the information, a few minutes later, they arrived at the scene to check and deal with the elimination of safety risks, unblocked “life channel”.Based on the digital twin platform, Sensetime has built a technology property operation platform for Qicai Future community, integrating a large number of long-tail AI algorithms to transform the “post-event response” of various events into “pre-event prediction”.Science and technology property, promote the public service and convenient services intelligent.The platform opens up the closed-loop capability of perception, analysis, decision-making and scheduling, and helps the property management realize district-oriented and intensive management, improve operation efficiency, reduce operation cost and guarantee service quality.”AI number intellectualization” remote can assign the future community digital transformation, in addition to the fire escape spare for inward and outward congestion, storage battery into the detached wing, fire smoke, garbage overflowing, etc, several intellectualization management of people, vehicles and objects through AI algorithms scene elements such as structural analysis, automatic perception, identify and understand the scene, thus active warning,Achieve “early discovery, early research and judgment, early response” of agile governance.Combined with the perfect cooperation of robot offline inspection and manual online inspection, it can not only reduce the cost of property management, but also significantly improve the work efficiency, and let the community property management, emergency handling without dead corner, improve the satisfaction of owners.After a day’s work, go back to the community to participate in a public welfare activity, make friends and earn points.In the evening, you can redeem a restaurant coupon in the “Hami Neighborhood Circle” mini program of Qicai Future community, initiate a savings board in the community forum, and get high with your neighbors. How do you feel about such a living atmosphere?The fast pace of urban life should not make the neighborhood indifferent.Based on the mobile terminal resident service platform, Sensetime builds a unified score system for Qicai Future community, and builds a future neighborhood scene of “distant relatives are better than near neighbors”.Through digital community “zhijiang 7 clouds” operational platform building community united integral system, Thomson technology and zhijiang seven colourful clouds group for community offline operating experience summary innovation in time, series of community commerce, studying public health, governance, and sports life scenes, activate the neighborhood cultural atmosphere, improve community commercial viscosity, realize ecological closed-loop community service.Each resident can earn points through public welfare, outing, sports, etc., and then they can exchange a variety of goods in the points mall.The construction of the points system not only brings a more intimate social experience, but also more effectively improves the social ice-breaking efficiency of communities and enhances residents’ enthusiasm.”Digital twin, science and technology property, integral services” of the trinity, field of “number + operation” is a community, technical experts Thomson together industry experts zhijiang seven clouds group innovation attempt for the first time, make the “zero distance” quality life future successful community scene, universal coverage community residents living demand, 24 hours improve service capacity and service efficiency, reduce the service cost.In the future, Sensetime will continue to deepen the application of “AI+ Future Community”, take THE AI base as the innovation carrier, deeply empower the nine scenes of future community, constantly enhance digital and intelligent capabilities, and create new urban functional units with a sense of belonging, comfort and future.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. 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