DNF: Mythic equipment falls!Compared to the 105 epic, the mythological advantage is lost

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DNF: Mythic equipment falls!Compared with 105 Epic, the mythic advantage is lost. DNF110, two weapons series and five sets series have been released on hanfu official website. Although Yin said that this is not the final version, it is not far from 3.17.At the time of the update, many of the brothers were wondering, “What is the choice between a level 100 mythic outfit and a level 105 epic?”As early as the winter launch of Hanbok, Yin said, “Due to the excellent performance of shinhwa equipment, the level 110 version, there will be no new shinhwa equipment. Meanwhile, the attributes of the Level 100 Shinhwa equipment are comparable to the extreme graduation epic of level 105.”In other words, from the point of view of the design concept, “the strength of level 100 Mythological equipment is basically the same as the strength of level 105 epic with full growth”, that is to say, in level 110 version, mythological equipment has not been eliminated, can continue to use.The essence of a level 105 epic is mythic equipment. First look at the level 100 mythic equipment, which is divided into “base attributes” and “3 or 4 mythic terms”. This is a significant improvement over the normal level 100 epic, with 3-4 more terms.Level 105 epic equipment is also divided into “base attributes” and “four growth attributes”. In fact, in essence, level 105 epic equipment is a myth, but the difference is that the attributes of level 105 need to be upgraded. The growth attributes of Level 105 can be designed and matched through the teleport system.Level 105 epic or level 100 myth, how to choose?First of all, the myth equipment can only wear one piece, then, the collocation of grade 105, should be based on “one myth” collocation is given priority to, the jacket, bracelets, earrings, three parts of find the ascension of the lowest rates level 105 parts, and then replace with the myth of the strongest equipment, so as to realize “the single most equipped with” myth, follow-up after 105 officially open, sa should be out of a series,Give brothers the strongest single myth recommendation.Warm reminder, due to the integration of entries, shinhwa equipment will be revised, the specific content of the revision is unknown, we suggest brothers to save the shinhwa equipment in hand, do not blindly decompose and cross the border, wait for hanbok 3.17 version information, then make a decision.Second, in the long run, the new group bakar will be launched in September, and fusion equipment will definitely come out. Fusion equipment can only integrate level 105 epic, so mythological equipment cannot be integrated. If bakar fusion equipment involves “jacket, bracelet, earring”, then mythological equipment will be soft eliminated.Therefore, “single myth collocation” should be transitional equipment, brothers should be prepared for a rainy day, choose a set of “whole body 105 epic strongest collocation”, the follow-up xiuer will also release this recommended series.Finally, from a reputation point of view, a single mythic piece of equipment has a reputation of 580, while a single level 105 epic has a base reputation of 1000, which is 420 more than mythic pieces.Then, as you progress to level 105, you gain two more points of fame for each level of growth, and 392 points for each level of growth that reaches level 50. A level 105 epic is 812 more points of fame than mythic gear.Yin plans to implement a new epic of level 105, completely overturning the equipment of level 100, leaving only myths and transformed equipment. However, these two types of equipment will be eliminated sooner or later.Also, due to the high reputation value of the new epic at level 105, mythic equipment will be trampled underfoot.Therefore, Su-a’s advice is to follow the “single-myth path” in the early stage of 110-level, and the “full-growth epic path” in the middle and late stages of 110-level.I am the player show, I wish the warriors abyss flash non-stop, the gold medal constantly, myth equipment see every day.