Good friend before one’s death entrust him to take care of wife and child, he does not trust, with original match divorce and marry friend wife?

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For people with a strong taste of human feelings, “friend’s wife can not be bullied” is one of the most basic ethics of friendship, if someone violates this universal value, I do not know how many people will poke back.However, in the Period of the Republic of China, an educator who was greatly respected by students and scholars, divorced his wife in order to marry his best friend’s widow.1928, Gao Renshan of director of Peking University education department is killed by Zhang Zuolin, before dying, Gao Renshan requests good friend Jiang Menglin to take care of his wife and children.After 5 years, Jiang Menglin divorce wife marries another, and the bride is the widow tao Ceng valley of good friend Gao Renshan!The most unexpected thing was that jiang Menglin openly declared such a declaration at the wedding in the face of relatives and friends who came to congratulate him, shocking the guests.Gao Renshan, a native of Jiangyin, Jiangsu province, studied in Nankai High School attached to Tianjin. He studied in Japan and the United States successively. In 1923, at the invitation of Peking University, he came back to China to study and was on good terms with Hu Shi and Jiang Menglin.In 1926, the Beiyang government produced the “March 18” massacre, which shocked the world. Li Dazhao and other Communists took the lead in protesting against the imperialists and the atrocities of the Northern warlords.Kao Ren Shan blood surging, generous accompanying!In 1927, Zhang Zuolin sent people to arrest Li Dazhao and other revolutionaries and killed them.Koh was later arrested and killed in January 1928 at the age of 34.Before dying, Gao Renshan entrust to visit his friend Jiang Menglin, take good care of his wife and children, die with love.Jiang Menglin is worthy of being entrusted. After the death of his best friend, he took care of his wife and children.Send money to send food, arrange work, be considerate, still care about the study of good friend children very much, it can be said close to the extreme, not good friend’s entrust before death.However, when all people speak highly of his quick and righteous, no one has thought of it, he suddenly announced divorce to marry again, and the bride is Tao Ceng.Originally, since The death of Gao Renshan, then the education minister of the Republic of China Jiang Menglin arranged Tao Zenggu as his secretary.Jiang Menglin was a famous scholar in the Republic of China. He was easy-going, philosophical and witty.The frequent contact on the job, plus the intimate care on the life, gradually, let the hearts of two people go together.At this time, Jiang Menglin had been married for many years, but his original wife was chosen by her parents and the matchmaker.For The Western-educated Jiang Menglin, the pain of having nothing to talk about between husband and wife made him very depressed and helpless.Therefore, he and Hu Shi became brothers and sisters and often drank together to relieve boredom.When the spring of life comes, Jiang Menglin decides to spell for his love, good friend Hu Shi also supports secretly.With little difficulty, his first wife, Sun Yushu, agreed to divorce jiang.After sun left Beijing, however, he did not return to his home. Instead, he returned to the Chiang family to take care of Jiang menglin’s parents.As for Jiang Menglin, he got married with Tao Zenggu.It is known to all that Hu Shi liked to be a wedding witness most at that time. His literary talent, humor and adaptability were highly respected by a group of friends in the educational circle.Therefore, Jiang Menglin invited Hu Shi to be the witness of his marriage to Tao Zenggu.Hu Shi was overjoyed when he heard that his friend’s wish had been fulfilled. After receiving the invitation, he decided to go to the banquet.However, jiang Dongxiu, Hu Shi’s wife, was furious and refused to let him go. She even took out a big lock and locked the door of the house.Jiang dongxiu did so out of empathy.Because, she is also the old woman, to Jiang Menglin off the practice of the original wife, let her worry about their future.The way to allay such concerns is to keep her husband, Hu Shi, away from such people.However, Hu Shi had an ingenious plan. When his wife wasn’t looking, he jumped out of the window and limped to the wedding.At the wedding, Jiang menglin introduced his marriage to Tao Mogu like this: “I love Renshan brother and love what he loves, so I married Tao Zenggu.”When someone asked him if he really loved jiang menglin, the old man blushed and blurted out, “I married her as a friend.”Stunned the guests.Literati thin skin, easy to hurt the pillow.For her husband’s panic do not choose words, quiet and beautiful Tao Zenggu but minzui smile, do not mind.Therefore, she has known jiang Menglin through years of contact, understanding, what kind of person.At the wedding banquet, hu Shi, the witness, praised old friend as a model for his courage to fight against old customs and pursue freedom of marriage.Over bottles of wine, hu Shih raised his glass and urged everyone to “drink, drink,” as someone joked about why he didn’t follow suit.He was known to yearn for change, but had no guts and laughed it off.However, only Hu Shi knows what kind of “lion roar” he will encounter when he returns home.Besides, Jiang Menglin and Tao Zenggu married, two people together for 25 years, each other, quiet.In 1958, Tao Zenggu died suddenly of illness. Jiang menglin was so sad that he could not let go for a long time.In fact, Jiang Menglin was a slow learner. Before he met Tao Zenggu, he had devoted himself to education and was almost indifferent to his own comfort and feelings.It is because of his enthusiasm for education that CAI yuanpei invited him several times to act as the president of Peking University during the most difficult times.Jiang Menglin has always maintained that higher education in the Period of the Republic of China should not follow the old path of “herdsmen education” of the ancients, but should pay attention to “civilian education” and respect the value of each person.He himself practiced it and was deeply admired by students, scholars and literati.Mr. Ye Gongchao said of him, “This is a good-tempered man, and he is very polite to his servants.At the same time, Jiang Menglin has a mellow, sympathetic and tolerant nature.”It is because of jiang Menglin’s disposition, during tao Zenggu as his secretary, in order not to let gossip hurt her, but also to comply with their true feelings, Jiang Menglin made the decision to divorce his wife and marry again.As a matter of fact, he must have known how much reputational damage he would incur by “divorcing his wife and remarrying”, but he did it without hesitation.Therefore, we should not praise jiang Menglin’s “sacrifice” spirit in his personality, nor simply criticize his behavior of “loving the new and the old”. Instead, we should look at this problem according to the society, customs and thinking limitations of the time.In this way, it is fair to Mr. Jiang Menglin and Ms. Tao Zenggu.In fact, Jiang Menglin’s good temper, even MAO Zedong had personally experienced.In his later years, Jiang Menglin once recalled: “One day, Li Shouchang came to me and told me MAO Zedong had no food to eat. What should he do?I said is the library okay?Just give him a place.So I picked up my pen and wrote a note, ‘Appoint MAO Zedong as library secretary with a monthly salary of 17 yuan.It can be seen that Jiang Menglin was indeed an educationist with broad mind, tolerance and simple nature.Unfortunately, in divorcing his wife and remarrying this matter, Jiang Menglin has been criticized by some people more and more, thinking that he violated the universal view that “friends’ wives can not be bullied”, and even divorcing his wife for this is the biggest stain on his life.In fact, in this world, no one is perfect is it!More importantly, with the progress of The Times bringing attention to women’s rights and interests, jiang Menglin’s original wife Sun Yushu’s injury has been paid more attention by those who sympathize with the weak, and therefore, feel that we should fight for her injustice.According to jiang Menglin’s son Jiang Renyuan later open letter said: father used “divorce does not leave home” way, for the mother to properly arrange the life after divorce, namely jiang clan to maintain the status of the mother and all human relations, inherit the father’s ancestral inheritance.My father inherited the education expenses for my four siblings and me.Parents divorced, from the family’s misfortune, but the parents in life, culture and habits of the gap, especially the father’s social status has risen year by year, mother is really difficult to adapt to it, divorce eventually to dissatisfaction, we do children’s sympathy for the mother, but also learned to gradually understand the father.It can be seen from this that Jiang Menglin did not divorce his wife ruthlessly, but made the choice of least harm to each other in the dilemma.Unfortunately, for all his good intentions, he could not escape criticism.After all, what he did was wrong!