@Jingxing Person, a great opportunity for rural rejuvenation in 2022

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In 2020, China made historic achievements in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and scored decisive victories in the decisive battle against poverty.This has laid a solid foundation for rural revitalization.In 2021, we will comprehensively promote rural vitalization. In the 14th Five-Year Plan period and beyond, we need to make important strategic decisions in the following directions in 2022 to fight a long-term battle for rural vitalization.01, the development of rural tourism to explore local flavor, ethnic characteristics, traditional crafts and other resources, the development of rural leisure tourism “night economy”, rural banquet, local dishes and other new projects.To develop research education, pastoral health, parent-child experience, outreach training and other programs, and guide qualified leisure agricultural parks to build agricultural research practice education bases (camps) for primary and secondary school students.In 2021, online promotion and cloud training will be carried out, and promotion activities for leisure tourism in beautiful villages will be held, integrating food selection, creative release and other elements.02, leisure beautiful countryside construction of a batch of complete function, reasonable layout, perfect mechanism, motivating boutique park leisure agriculture, to promote a batch of regional characteristic, culture thick, agrestic breath strong rural leisure tourism attractions line, high-quality goods to select a batch of sky blue, self-identify happily, water net, housing, leisure beautiful countryside of China,Build a group of national leisure agriculture key counties with obvious resource advantages, leading industrial development and prominent demonstration role.In 2021, we will build 150 scenic spots for rural leisure tourism and 200 beautiful leisure villages in China.In accordance with the requirements of the trinity of rural production and life ecology, the integration of primary, secondary and tertiary industries, and agricultural culture and tourism, efforts should be made to shape the “shape, reality and soul” of rural areas, and a group of specialized farmer cooperatives should be built as the main carrier, so that farmers can fully participate in and benefit from it.A rural complex integrating circular agriculture, creative agriculture and farming experience will meet the overall requirements of thriving industries, livable ecology, civilized local customs, effective governance and a prosperous life, and embark on a road to pilot rural revitalization with local characteristics.04. Create “One Village, one Product” model towns and villages to cultivate a batch of “one village, one product” model towns and villages with “small but special products, refined and beautiful formats, and clustered and integrated layout”, to form a development pattern of one village with several villages and multiple villages connecting into a piece.In 2021, we will formulate normative guidelines on “one village, one product” model towns and villages.A new 400 national demonstration villages and towns with “one village, one product” have been identified, and the output value of national rural characteristic industries has been announced at 10 billion yuan counties, 1 billion yuan towns, and 100 million yuan villages.05, the construction of the agricultural industry strong town focus on town (township) domain 1-2 leading industries, attract capital poly town, wise men into the town, technology into the town, a batch of raw material base, intensive processing into standard construction, regional leading industries, strong interests closely link in the integration of agricultural town, cultivate a group of more than 1 billion yuan output value of agricultural industry strong town,To build a farmer’s regional service center with strong main business, prosperous and livable business.By 2021, 300 towns with strong agricultural industries will be built.06, improve the agricultural products processing park in accordance with the requirements of “grain head and food tail”, “agricultural head and work tail”, guide all kinds of leading enterprises to concentrate in the park, promote the organic connection of raw material production, intensive processing, experience display and logistics distribution.In 2021, top 100 agricultural product processing industrial parks and top 10 industrial parks in different industries will be released, and a batch of international agricultural product processing industrial parks with output value exceeding 10 billion yuan will be cultivated.To build advantageous characteristic industrial clusters to highlight the industrial links into strings of beads, belts and chains, to build advantageous characteristic industrial clusters with prominent leading industries, significant scale benefits, sound industrial chains and strong comprehensive competitiveness, and to build a batch of advantageous characteristic industrial clusters with output value of more than 100 billion yuan.We will build regional growth poles and industrial highlands in rural areas.In 2021, we will support the development of a number of industrial clusters with distinctive local advantages.Make a good seed industry to turn over agricultural modernization, seeds are the foundation.We will strengthen the protection, development and utilization of agricultural germplasm resources, accelerate the third survey and collection of germplasm resources of crops and livestock and poultry, and strengthen the construction of national germplasm resources banks for crops, livestock and poultry, and Marine fishery organisms.Long-term and stable support for basic breeding research and key breeding projects.We will accelerate the implementation of major scientific and technological projects in agricultural biological breeding.We will carry out joint research on crops, livestock and poultry varieties.We will implement a new round of genetic improvement programs for livestock and poultry and upgrade the modern seed industry.We will respect science, exercise strict supervision, and promote the industrial application of biological breeding in an orderly manner.We will strengthen protection of intellectual property rights in breeding.We will support leading seed enterprises in establishing and improving commercial breeding systems, speed up the construction of southern Breeding silicon Valley, strengthen seed production bases and the construction of improved varieties and breeding systems, study subsidy policies after the r&d and promotion of major varieties, and promote the integrated development of breeding, reproduction and promotion.09, the construction of agricultural food innovation platform relying on regions and institutions with technology research and development capabilities, the construction of agricultural food innovation industrial park, strive to build a number of platforms, form a set of mechanisms, conquer a number of technologies, transform a number of achievements, create a number of equipment, promote a number of advanced practical technology.In 2021, several Chinese agricultural and food innovation industrial parks will be built.A number of agricultural product processing technology integrated research bases will be established, a number of national agricultural product processing research and development sub-centers will be improved, and five expert guidance groups for rural industries, including the expert guidance group for agricultural product processing industry, will be established.10, development of agricultural products in raw guidance and technical guidance, strengthen the standard support the development of farmer cooperatives and family farm preservation, storage, grading, packing and so on time delay pretreating, development of food change powder, bean sprouts, meat become irritable, change cheese, vegetables, food, milk, fruit juice and other food raw and cultivate a batch of agricultural food integration enterprise.In 2021, we will formulate guidelines on accelerating the development of primary processing of agricultural products and on promoting the integrated development of agriculture and food industries.11. Develop intensive and deep processing and comprehensive utilization of agricultural products to cultivate a group of agricultural products processing enterprises with production standards, technology integration, scientific management, well-known brands and industrial agglomeration as well as comprehensive utilization subjects, and promote diversified development, multi-level utilization and multi-link value-added.In 2021, China will announce top 10 enterprises in agricultural products processing industry and establish a batch of national demonstration enterprises in staple food processing industry.Build the whole industrial chain of agriculture in the county to build the whole industrial chain of agriculture, select a group of distinctive characteristics, sound chain, close connection, rich forms of business, active entrepreneurship of the whole industrial chain of agriculture, expand the depth of agricultural value-added and efficiency and the breadth of functional value development.In 2021, a number of typical models and “chain leading” enterprises of the whole agricultural industry chain will be announced, and a national conference on promoting high-quality development of rural industries will be held.13. Cultivate well-known characteristic brands to carry out investigation and analysis of rural characteristic industries, guide rural handcraft industry to do fine and fine, and create “gold character signboard” of “township brand” and “local brand” characteristic industry.In 2021, China will establish a national catalogue of rural featured products, promote a batch of rural featured products and skilled craftsmen, and publicize a batch of well-known brands of rural featured industries.14. Promote the branding of the packaging of agricultural special products and integrate the brands of featured agricultural products, support the expansion and strengthening of famous brand products, protect well-known brands of agricultural products, actively promote the “green action for the quality and safety of agricultural products”, enhance the market competitiveness of agricultural products, promote the increase in grain production, agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income.Agricultural brand, agricultural and rural modernization, to create agricultural products brand, agricultural products value-added.Through brand originality, packaging design, ideas and creativity, promote the brand construction of agricultural products specific.Let characteristic agricultural products packaging more quality, more connotation, throw characteristic agricultural products packaging into a new era of creative brands.Build a modern rural industrial system relying on the advantages of rural resources, build a whole agricultural industrial chain, leave the main body of the industrial chain in the county, so that farmers can share more industrial value-added benefits.We will move faster to improve the standards system for the whole industrial chain of modern agriculture, encourage new agricultural businesses to produce according to standards, and foster leading agricultural enterprises to take the lead in standards.Based on counties, we will distribute primary and in-depth processing of featured agricultural products in producing areas, and build modern agricultural industrial parks, strong towns of agricultural industry, and advantageous industrial clusters.We will promote the development of non-profit agricultural markets and a backbone network for the distribution of agricultural products.We will develop high-quality routes for leisure agriculture and rural tourism and improve supporting facilities.We will promote the development of demonstration parks for the integrated development of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries in rural areas and science and technology demonstration parks.The demonstration of agricultural modernization as a key way of promoting agricultural modernization on raising the agricultural industry system, production system, management system modernization level, set up the index system, strengthening resource integration, policy integration, by county (city, area) for the unit to carry out the creation, to create about 500 demonstration zone in 2025, into a pattern of arrangement in promoting the modernization of agriculture.Create modern forestry.