Lights out! Next time I go home, I will wear my uniform

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I vaguely remember when I was a child, there was an old man in the village who always wore a military uniform that had been washed and turned white, as if he had never changed other clothes.”Mother, why does he always like to wear the same clothes?”At that time I was full of incomprehension, with the tender voice of children asked.”Xiaohui, when you grow up, you will understand!”Since then, I have developed a strong interest in the military profession.In the summer of 2017, I was admitted to the Academy of Armed Police Officers with my childhood dream.As a newly enrolled cadet, three months of intensive military and political training let me eat all the “suffering”, could not help but have wavered on the road to military.”Son, remember to come home in uniform.”Approaching the winter vacation, looking at the news from my mother, I did not think so: “The holiday is to relax, wearing military uniform, but also have to pay attention to their words and deeds…”Subei airport, come to pick up the mother smile, say the first word but slightly blame: “Huh?I told you to put on a uniform to show your mother, but you didn’t listen to me again, did you?”All the way, my mother scolded me about the uniform.”Come back without a uniform!As for?I don’t want you walking around in uniform!”Unaccustomed to my mother’s nagging, I shouted back.On the way home, my mother did not mention the subject again and spoke much less.Time flies, time flies.Now, I have become a grass-roots platoon leader, looking at the young and tender face of the recruits, as if to see their original.During a break, I watched a young recruit video chatting with his mother, proudly explaining his uniform to her.I asked him why, and he said to me, “I am the only soldier in my family!Before I came to the army, my mother told me to do well in the army and bring honor to my family.Now that I have the title, SHE must look at it and be happy.”As he spoke, he touched the red epaulettes on his shoulders.At this moment, I suddenly understand my mother’s “little mind”, she is not to show off, but because the uniform, let her feel proud and proud from the bottom of my heart.Then I picked up my phone and sent her a message: “Mom, I can’t go home for the Spring Festival this year.”After thinking for a while, he added, “Next time I go home, I will wear a military uniform!”Moments later, her mother’s reply popped up on wechat: “Do well in the army!Mom is waiting for you to come home in uniform.”Author: Xu Hui of Jiangxi Armed Police Corps