Like He Mei was changed, Qingyuan has nearly 40,000 people

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February 11, Qingyuan daily “Spring Walk grassroots” column launched a report “she is in the downtown lane, operating a” sweet career “, qingyuan Qingcheng a housewife he Mei from a housewife into a business owner’s story.In June 2019, He Mei took part in a half-year Cantonese pastry training course through the Cantonese Chef Program.After mastering the skills of making pastries, she opened a business with her husband, and the life of the family of four gradually improved.Ha-mei is reading an article in Cheongwon Daily.The report received a warm response, with netizens impressed by He mei’s pragmatic entrepreneurial spirit.As of February 17, the total flow of related reports in qingyuan Daily media matrix exceeded 30,000 people.And what sister’s wechat, the phone is ringing non-stop, have been sent to “Guangfo Dongguan deep” pearl River Delta city orders call.He Mei smiled and said, “I’m grateful for the attention of the municipal media and the recommendation and help from qingyuan Human resources and Social security department.Now business is booming and we are all very happy!”At 5:30 p.m. on February 16, the reporter came to canghou Street sweet stack pastry shop again.At that time, it was the peak hours of work, the store to buy eggs in an endless stream of customers.In half an hour, he Mei 3 times to the egg loose cabinet supplement shelves.”After the report came out, the in-laws were so busy they didn’t even have time to eat.They keep replying to wechat, making eggs and delivering goods!”Come to help where sister mother smiled.He Mei recalled that the report launched after the first weekend, the signature product egg SAN very popular.”We usually close around 10pm and there are some unsold bags left.But on that Saturday (February 12), it wasn’t until 8pm that all the eggs and buns were gone!”He Mei said with a smile that many people came from New City to buy egg powder after reading the report in Qingyuan Daily.Shop business is booming, he Mei is considering the recruitment of apprentices.”Two people can’t do the job right now,” she said. “We’re looking to see if we have the right person.”The reporter noticed that on the bookshelf in the corner of the store, there was “Huawei internal speech: Your struggle will be rewarded”.This is as early as at the beginning of entrepreneurship he Mei online shopping and now occasionally will read.Now, He mei has many new ideas in mind and will develop new products in the future to bring more sweet taste experience to diners.”Masters” of guangdong have driven qingyuan start-up employment of nearly 40000 people, according to city people club bureau as of December 2021, provincial “masters” of guangdong qingyuan built training base in the city, each five master studio, 8 municipal cantonese cuisine chef master studio, covering the whole city of 8 counties (city, area) “masters” of guangdong rural training demonstration base 10.Formulated 2 special ability assessment standards for “Cantonese cuisine master”, and developed 3 training standards for “Cantonese Cuisine master” such as making Yao’s flavor dishes.There are two technical colleges and three vocational schools in the city offering cooking majors, with more than 1800 students majoring in cooking.For four consecutive years, the city-wide “Cantonese Cuisine Master” skill Competition has been held, and more than 120 series of themed activities of “Cantonese Cuisine Master” have been held.Training programs have been launched for “Cantonese cuisine chefs” in schools, villages and communities, training 27,488 people in total and creating nearly 40,000 jobs.The top 20 user nicknames of Happy Nao Yuanxiao online activity: Lin Xiwei, Xinyouling Dafa, L., Kevin \ X27jun, LR., xiaoxiao, X.Y, wen dong, shuguang, jiang jiang, binbin youyou, xu yingyu, xiao dawang, liuyun secret language, peng cheng, deng jieling, the wind continues to blow, xiyuxu, JenniferYiu, 1, momo please go to qingyuan daily 101 office before March 15 (working hours) to collect.Writing: Xiao Yang, Zhang Caixia, Correspondent, Municipal People’s Social Committee Photography: Xiao Yang, Editor: CAI Shuo, editor: Zhang Lina, Editor: Fan Wofu, Qingyuan Government New Media Cooperation wechat account:Qyrbjun qingyuan release issued weibo WeChat qingyuan qingyuan + APP qingyuan daily WeChat qingyuan daily weibo rural press officer qingyuan qingyuan qingyuan people’s political consultative committee of National People’s Congress to agriculture, rural areas and farmers qingyuan qingyuan tax peace of politics and law qingyuan qingyuan fresh procuratorial qingyuan judicial authority party ate letter