Epidemic sealed city sealed jianghuai light truck no. 1 service Changzhou Yunchang in action

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March, it is the spring warm sun, the season of recovery.The epidemic spread rapidly across the country in Jilin, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong and many other regions.The number of newly confirmed and asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 is increasing rapidly, and every city is implementing strict epidemic prevention policies. Changzhou, located in southern Jiangsu Province, is a transit route between Shanghai and Nanjing, and the flow of people is very large.Since March 18, the number of confirmed cases in Changzhou has increased rapidly after the daily epidemic prevention and control. Up to now, the number of confirmed cases in Changzhou has reached 62, indicating a severe epidemic prevention and control situation.Epidemic emergency open, shut down, most of the enterprises in changzhou changzhou jianghuai light truck shipped chang service station in accordance with the requirements for the epidemic prevention and control, closed service daily operation, but must always ensure transportation, residents daily food and beverage and material transportation, medical supplies, fast delivery, etc., are to maintain the livelihood of the people and the key of prevention, can’t appear any mistakes,Jianghuai Light Truck Changzhou Yunchang Service Station coordinated the staff who could carry out rescue in non-containment areas, organized and set up offline epidemic emergency rescue teams, and carried out 24-hour emergency rescue for the whole city’s transportation faults.An online rescue team has been set up for the personnel in the containment area, responsible for receiving rescue information by telephone and online. Online and offline efforts have been made to ensure round-the-clock transport lines in shifts and do a good job of protection. At the same time, several emergency rescue missions have been carried out.Changzhou yun chang service community outbreaks, need many volunteers, service station jin-ping he webmaster in balanced good service after the rescue work, and work with first-line employees in epidemic, said any webmaster “with their colleagues for many years in the jianghuai light truck service, the most happy thing is to solve various problems in time, guarantee the transportation unobstructed, the community needs,We will not look back.”It is this sense of corporate responsibility that makes them unconditionally committed to the government’s anti-epidemic work.Wearing the prevention and control suit, the original service group from jianghuai Light truck users to everyone affected by the epidemic, with practical actions to fight against the epidemic.During the day, they take part in the transport and relief work, and at night, they carry out nucleic acid tests and register personnel information. Wearing protective clothing, they wear two hats.Their insistence also won an initial victory. According to the information released by the Epidemic Prevention Office, 48 patients in Changzhou have been discharged from hospital after treatment.Jianghuai Light truck Changzhou Yunchang Service Station he Stationmaster is the pioneer representative of jianghuai light truck to participate in the anti-epidemic, jianghuai light truck service stations all over the country are carrying out daily work in the rescue and anti-epidemic.Under the complicated social situation such as the epidemic situation, JAC light Truck has always upheld the service concept of “five-star service” and formulated the epidemic exclusive service policy of “Fighting the epidemic with love and Engines”. Together with the national service stations, jAC light Truck has made joint efforts to ensure the smooth transportation lines and social stability, waiting for the epidemic to return and spread.