Hangzhou Emgrand S maximum discount of 0.3 thousand yuan, welcome to visit appreciation

2022-07-03 0 By

What to do with the endless projects in the company, the congestion at the subway entrance every day, and no personal space?I’ll buy an Emgrand S. I’ll buy an Emgrand S. I’ll buy an Emgrand.Important things say three times!Recently, Geely Auto Hangzhou Haodi 4S shop Emgrand S sales, color optional, currently buy some models of car reduced by 30,000 yuan, activity time 03.31-04.03,Interested friends can go to the shop to consult the purchase promotion time from March 31, 2022 to April 03, 2022 Emgrand S latest offer model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Hangzhou quoted 1.4T CVT flagship 108,900 yuan 0.300 yuan 105,900 yuan 1.4TCVT luxury 95,900 RMB 0.300 RMB 92,900 RMB 1.4T Manual comfort 84,900 RMB 0.300 RMB 81,900 RMB