The fifth day to meet the God of wealth, B circle of the god of wealth is them

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The fifth day to meet the God of wealth, B circle also meet the God of wealth, flatbread, ether palm more than 10%.The god of wealth in circle B is very intuitive, which is what the old man wrote before: “After the Spring Festival, the users who cover their positions” U was close to 6.4 last night, exceeding 6.36 for Huilu, indicating that many people have “come back to buy B after the New Year”.Since the fire announced to withdraw from the G market, it is rare to see U and cake on the palm at the same time, often cake and U reverse palm stack, and U is lower than green for a long time, belongs to the cake, U two reservoir stock posture xin mutual fight.Yesterday’s U and cake synchronous palm, indicating that the outside posture xin inflow, people come back to bury U charge straight.Some more visual data: The honey sector has attracted about 15 million dollars in the past week, including 776Management’s 5 million dollars in honey, and FTX’s 4.In addition, Sphere 3D, a data management company, is able to bury a straight 17 MB round user.Tiger Global raised 110 b-circles for the new venture, and said it would explore “b-trading” businesses, such as flatbread and ether, which it has invested in many B-circles.In the current situation, off-site users may be more optimistic about flatbread than users in circle B.Yesterday, the US non-agricultural data far more than expected, the US chain storage board is nailed, in March, the possibility of extinguishing close to 100%.After the digestion, the persimmon farm would focus on the economic outlook, which was the driving force for the restoration of persimmon farm under the shadow of the digestion.(Strive for each structural line please, more than 50% leap, suitable for short – and medium-term lines.Happy Spring Festival, the old man in the first to the seventh Jane more, or break more.Thank you for your support, come on 2022.