24 tons of chilled chicken to Hong Kong via new channel

2022-07-04 0 By

New Express news reporter Wang Juan, correspondent Guan Yue reported that on the afternoon of February 16th, 24 tons of chilled chicken from Guangdong Wenshi Jiarun Food Co., Ltd. became the first batch of fresh goods shipped to Hong Kong through the “new channel” (see the picture below, provided by correspondent).Guangdong is the largest supplier of mainland food (including fresh agricultural products) to Hong Kong.The reporter learned from Guangzhou customs that in order to ensure the safe and stable supply of living materials for Hong Kong residents, the customs gave full play to the advantages of developed waterway transportation in the customs area, numerous piers along the Pearl River and frequent routes to and from Hong Kong, and relevant departments to create “South China Sea Jiujiang – Hong Kong Tuen Mun” fresh supplies for Hong Kong water transport “new channel”.A cold-chain transport truck carrying more than 13,000 chilled whole chickens, 24 tons in total, arrived at the Jiujiang Sino-Foreign Transport terminal in the South China Sea at around 14:00 on the day.Foshan Customs office in South China Sea under Guangzhou Customs, terminal operation units, shipping companies and customs brokers completed container dispatching, shipping space arrangement, terminal scheduling, customs declaration, on-site inspection and supervision, and shipped the containers to Tuen Mun Terminal in Hong Kong, which could be listed and sold in Hong Kong the next day.”The water transport channel has a stronger transport capacity. Guangzhou Customs promotes the opening of the water supply channel for chilled chicken, so that the fresh chicken can be supplied to Hong Kong for the first time, and the life needs of Hong Kong residents can be guaranteed.”Wen Jiaolong, general manager of Guangdong Wenshi Jiarun Food Co., said his company recently exported about 12, 000 chilled chickens a day to Hong Kong.Hong Kong since the outbreak, in under the guidance and coordination of the General Administration of Customs in guangdong branch, guangzhou customs go all out to safeguard towards the fresh food safety supply stability and smooth, and will use the “declaration” and enterprise measures such as “direct arrival at Hong Kong fashion”, in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules in the port open up “green channel” raw material and build towards the commodity fast channel,Achieve “zero waiting” and “zero delay” for port clearance.