Anyue county held the first session of volunteer service project competition preliminary evaluation and training

2022-07-04 0 By

Volunteer precision, the project in order to promote the county level, with a positive attitude in ziyang city the first volunteer service project competition, on April 7 in the morning, anyue county civilization office, the group county party committee and county civil affairs bureau in the county authority centralized office conference room 1122, no. 1 floor, anyue county the first volunteer service project will contest the initial training and the competition,More than 30 people, including leaders in charge of related units and project leaders, participated in the competition.At the preliminary evaluation meeting, the judges listened to the introduction of the project owner while combining the background, scheme, implementation and effectiveness of the volunteer service project to evaluate the more than 20 projects signed up for the competition, and finally evaluated 17 volunteer service projects will be recommended to participate in the city’s first volunteer service project competition.At the training meeting, the relevant person in charge of the county Civil Affairs Bureau explained the design, management, operation, packaging and other aspects of the volunteer service project in a simple way, and answered questions on the spot for the common problems in the application of China volunteer service network.Sun Hongfu, secretary of the County Committee of the Youth League, gave guidance and suggestions on the application forms of the participating organizations.Finally county civilization office responsible for comrade from the height of attention, actively participate;Extensive publicity, expand the influence of volunteer service;Scientific planning, and strive for the effectiveness of activities and other aspects of emphasis and requirements.After the training, each project leader said that the training content is rich, easy to understand, let them deeply inspired and benefited.Next, they will combine the training content to further improve the project plan, and strive to come up with excellent projects to represent Anyue County in the first “China Life Cup” Ziyang City’s first volunteer service project Competition.Information source: County Civilization Office