In 1955, the founding marshal persuaded his adjutant to accept a demotion

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Let’s talk about the past and the present and dig deep into the history of Hebei that you don’t know. Hello, everyone, I’m “Qing Shi Jun”. Welcome to “Qing Shi View”, bringing you fresh, interesting and authentic historical stories every day.Today, we talk for you is hebei mancheng book Lao Ba Road Wang Jinshui story.During the Anti-Japanese War, many people from Hebei went to the battlefield to take part in the revolution, and Wang Jinshui was one of them.Born in 1926, he was 11 years old when the Japanese army marched south through Manchuria.Wang Jinshui’s father was unfortunately killed by the enemy, the family was extremely sad, but did not dare to cry, then less than 12 years old Wang Jinshui resolutely joined the local patriotic armed forces.Later, Wang Jinshui’s team was recruited by the Eighth Route Army.He also became a member of the 120th Division of the Eighth Route Army.Wang Jinshui went to primary school, joined the army soon after entering the lingshou two branch school of resistance to study, study expired he entered the 120 division of 715 regiment.Later, Wang jinshui participated in many battles in Hebei and Shanxi, but with good luck he was wounded only once.After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Wang Jinshui’s unit was transferred to northern Shaanxi, and he took part in a series of battles including qinghua Bian, Yangmahe and the defense of Yan ‘an.By the end of 1947, Wang jinshui had become He Long’s guard and later his staff adjutant, and for the next few years he long was with him in all his campaigns.It was not until the spring of 1949 that Wang Jinshui followed He Long back to Xibaipo, Hebei.It was not far from Mancheng County that Wang Jinshui got the chance to visit his family. It was only 12 years after he joined the army that he returned home once.At that time, the family thought that Wang Jinshui had been sacrificed, to see him standing in front of their own, the family was startled.In 1949, Wang Jinshui ascended the Tian ‘anmen Rostrum with He Long and participated in the founding ceremony.At the beginning of the founding of New China, Wang Jinshui went to the military academy in Nanjing for further study.He finished his studies just in time for his rank in 1955.At that time, the school designated him as a quasi-regiment level, according to the rank and qualifications for the army, to grant him the rank of major, Wang Jinshui is very satisfied.But when He Long found out about it, he suggested that his rank be adjusted to full battalion and that he be given the rank of captain.He Long persuaded his adjutant that he was still young, and that if he was given a higher rank, he would become arrogant and lose touch with the masses.Under he Long’s patient persuasion, Wang Jinshui accepted the rank of captain.However, Wang Jinshui took the initiative to lower the delegation, came to the Kunming Military region as deputy commander, and later participated in the bandit suppression operations.He was already a deputy division commander during the Vietnam War.According to the standards of rank at that time, the rank of major at the quasi-regimental level met the requirements.Moreover, Wang Jinshui is a Lao Ba lu background, obtained the rank of major is no problem.But Marshal He Long personally to persuade, finally let him readily accept, this reflects the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries of high character.Marshal Peng dehuai had also persuaded his nephew to accept the rank of lieutenant (originally made captain), which was the story of the rank review.Well, that’s all for today. Welcome to our next post.You can also leave a message to say you want to hear the story, want to know the history, we try to meet your requirements, tell you.This number has signed a contract with “rights knight”, this number of articles without permission, it is strictly prohibited to reprint, plagiarism, offenders will be prosecuted!Please comment civilly and put an end to abuse and attack.