“Reborn shrew a little sweet,” she was reborn from the cowardly army sister-in-law into a tough daughter-in-law, captive army brother!

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Everybody is good, as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo, thank you for your support and encouragement!Today recommend to you: “reborn shrew wife a little sweet” after her reborn from the cowardly army sister-in-law into a tough daughter-in-law, captive army brother!# refuse book waste # 1: “omnipotent fierce wife is reborn” author: Cool breeze mo late introduction: installed all one’s life serious Hou home too wife after die of old age reborn again!So she decided to start living her life again.Precious jewel!Her!God beast!Hers too!Panacea!It’s still hers!In this world, only the things she does not want, there is nothing that does not belong to her!What money couldn’t solve, she chose fists!Last life, she married once, this life, she is determined not to marry anyone!But!Feed!Why don’t you play by the rules?That — little general, the girl is 28 years old this year, said to break off the marriage?Also, ex-husband, the last respect is like ice, this life should be a stranger, you always pestering me, what is the matter?Guide to the pit: Yang shi looked like very concerned about sitting there will men beat over the past, but also just sit there, but all the men gathered to her yard, under the guise of asking but delaying the men to find people.And An Yi fix and an yi can two brothers, two husband and wife one listen to an shu Yao missing, surprised, worried about who and an home have enemy night break settle down bind an Shu Yao.Originally, with an so big family, kuang Qi guang with a stone Wolf want to stealthily sneak away Ann Shu Yao such a child is almost impossible.Just happened that is such, settle all up and down, this several days to prepare for a full moon banquet, busy for several days, almost all the humans for several days without a good night sleep, and after a full moon banquet, the humans this nerve a relaxation, the night watch guards followed up lazy, can hide to hide, can’t hide somewhere at leisure.After all, everyone thinks that the Ann family is one of the four major families, and the Ann family has been peaceful for a hundred years. Who would have a problem with the Ann family and break into the night door of the Ann family?Home guard in this state of mind negligence is normal, the bad is bad, Kuang Qiguang midnight thought of his daughter-in-law is still home, specially to take away the daughter-in-law home.”At this time called down to listen to your lecture can find shu Yao?I can’t find anyone even if I train for ten days and ten nights!”Because of Ann shu yao’s missing, an Qingfeng sees Yang shi this demeanor even basic face has not given, rebuked Yang Shi, send a person to go out to look for a person entirely, sweep an eye in the house to carry the an Yi that stands to do nothing to fix and an Yi can two brothers, sighed in the heart shake one’s head, carry a hand to walk out of the courtyard.AnQingFeng will naturally feel cold, as a father, he always felt that his two young sons again it is not so cold, after all, phil anschutz yao is their niece, can now see, AnQingFeng is understood, a AnLongFei in young’s three mother and that I’m afraid is they make their homes in the thorn in the side, where the AnLongFei as home, as they are family.”Dad, the elder heard that Shu Yao disappeared, sent a trace beast to come over, I was about to go to the room of shu Yao’s small object to trace beast to identify, had the help of trace beast, shu Yao should be able to find back very quickly, so dad you also don’t worry too much.”Although an Longfei is such a comfort An Qingfeng, but, his daughter missing whereabouts unknown, an Longfei than anyone worried.”I also be preparing to go to the elder that borrow track beast, the elder actually oneself sent come over, that matter not too late, don’t delay time, hurriedly go!”AnQingFeng a listen to breathe a sigh of relief, tracking the beast is a big elders pet animals, is a big young time to experience the elders inadvertently save a three-stage beast, track beast attack is not strong, but good at hiding, but the most important thing, to track the beast’s claws are refining device of good things, so, tracking the beast has been wantonly kill, in recent years, the track beast of a few words of extinction.(Click on the following link to read the novel) Book 2: Reborn Tough Wife Is A Little Sweet by: Red Pants Introduction: What?Just reborn and not making enough money to marry her?Why?”I fell in love with you at first sight, missy.”Li Jiaqin is a henchman.Lin Xiaohui rolled her eyes, “I don’t do it.””The protest was futile.”Li jiaqin proved that they can also be sweet after marriage.After marriage, the little life is so sweet that it is like mixing oil in honey…Into the pit guide: “reborn shrew wife a little sweet” after she was reborn from the cowardly army sister-in-law become tough daughter-in-law, captive army brother!Lin Xiaohui is not the previous life that only know work of the two children, she pulled a bamboo cane hard out, Wang Hongmei immediately let go, palm burning pain.The cry rushed out of the gaping mouth.Then one of them sat on the ground, rolling and wailing like a shrew.Lin Xiaohui ignored Wang Hongmei and looked at her coldly.After a while, Wang Hongmei saw that she was bored and pointed at Lin Xiaohui and shouted, “Your brother-in-law is coming tomorrow. Why should you clean up your house?This is your sister’s big deal. Are you gonna help your sister or not?Are you still human?”Lin Xiaohui knew it would be this kind of heart cut out of the scold, fortunately, two lives, trained steel and iron bones like the center of the earth, do not feel what, “since it is Xiaoqian’s own thing, you let her do it by herself, unless she does not want to marry, so what work do not, waiting for someone else to retire.”Wang Hongmei immediately froze there and said nothing. How could her second daughter know everything?”Well,” Lin Xiaohui saw that she was right and caught Wang Hongmei’s weakness, “Mom, you think you are proud to have a son-in-law who eats government food, but wayan doesn’t think so. Wayan doesn’t want to marry a lame man.”This directly poked into The heart of Wang Hongmei, xiaohui said is really right ah, she saw that future son-in-law, is really like.Her favourite daughter was to be married to a soldier.This is a rare thing far away.Lin Xiaohui took advantage of Wang Hongmei in a daze and ran out, halfway met dad with two sisters back.”Dad, what’s up?””Two wretched have to study and to read well,” Lin old root is particularly happy, see a daughter, talking about what happened in the morning, “the captain to the city to take files, and the postman astray, file to send it again, this worry yao, the two girl to recognize word, read it to the vice captain, didn’t know this file on what that means.””It was not difficult at all, sister,” said the sisters, their eyes shining with excitement.Introduction: Born again in the 1980s, Joni became the youngest girl in old Joe’s family.It looks sad at first, but the family is really nice to her.The original Lord loves to cheat and play with women’s feelings of the man made himself dead, leaving a pile of mess for her to clean up, she decided to start from clean up.Into the pit guide: Su Chen Hao saw the front of the girl turned back to notice this, the original standing in front of their own is Qiao Xiaoni, slightly nodded.Qiao Xiaoshan saw a few years did not see su Chen Hao rushed past patted the shoulder, “Chen Hao elder brother, when did you come back from other places?”Su Chen Hao took a step back, Qiao Xiaoshan is too enthusiastic, he still has a little not quite adapt to, think of this boy has been free, so many years has not changed.”I came back yesterday. Are you coming to town with your sister for the fair?”Qiao Xiaoshan took people to a side in a few words to say what had happened before.Su Chenhao was surprised to hear that the selling point of food had earned several dollars. The big fair in the town was indeed short of stalls selling ready-made food. After three years of difficulties, money was tight in everyone’s hands and no one should have realized that food could be sold for money.In my heart, I looked at Jonny differently. It was too few people to grasp the opportunity, especially an 18-year-old girl.He is 25 years old, and 18 is just like a child in his eyes.Jonny looked at the way they knew the way. They must have been on good terms before, Chen Hao Brother?When I thought of sujia village next to Qiaoqiao Village, I immediately guessed that the man’s surname might be Su.Hunter Zhang Dali saw them actually talk, cough 1: “you still buy not to buy things?Don’t buy things to give the place out, don’t delay me to sell things.”Su Chen Hao ended the conversation, made a wink to Qiao Xiaoshan, and then to sell fur middle-aged man said: “Uncle, how do you sell this fox skin?”If the price is right, pack up the freshly peeled fox skin and go to the city to make some money.Jonny saw him ask the price, and quickly followed suit. “How much?””What do you two mean?Play fair or buy together?”Zhang Vigorously eyes staring at them, early in the morning to set up a stall, the results of a leather are not sold out.His family is still waiting for him to buy rice!Jonny rolled her eyes and went to Su chenhao’s side. “Now that you have your eye on this fox skin, how about we buy it together?We sell it half and half, so we don’t have to compete for a markup.”Su Chenhao felt the tip of his nose spread a hint of fragrance, the little girl’s mouth a closed, say words so interesting, do not want to nod to agree.”Uncle, we decided to buy this fox skin together. If you give us a real price, we’ll pay right now if it’s reasonable.”(Click on the following link to read the novel) Well, these are small make up today with you to understand the content, in see these, you have in the heart of the creation of their favorite works?Well, if you have anything to say, feel free to comment in the comments below.Past wonderful content review: “Super space small farmer” she took the farm system through, with acres of fertile land, married rough Han soldier brother “80 fu wife milk fierce milk sweet” return to 80, she became a paunchy military sister-in-law, her husband is the commander of the military region!”Pet wife in the field daily: with space mix 70 zero” she through 70, with space to marry gao Fu shuai!Farming text: wear into emaciated peasant female, she mountain hunting, rich raise sallow and thin brother!”Heaven fell medical princess pet explosion” top female doctor through the ancient times, a viviparous five treasure, was evil king pet turn