The fifth generation Range Rover has opened for pre-sale, with the price ranging from 2,098,800 yuan to 2,518,800 yuan

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Since the fifth generation Land Rover was unveiled last October, the car’s every move has attracted a lot of attention.On the one hand, the land Rover dream in many men’s minds is almost equivalent to the Range Rover dream, and the arrival of the fifth generation Range Rover has ignited their dreams.On the other hand, when luxury all-terrain SUVs meet the trend of smart electrification, how will this car change?The all-new Range Rover has gone on sale in four different configurations, two of which are the highest in the range.At that price alone, the all-new Win deserves the title of “dream car”.But how strong is the new car?As the latest flagship model of the Land Rover brand, the all-new Range Rover presents a distinguished quality with a modern minimalist and elegant design that runs from front to back.A slowly tightening roof line, a strong waist line and a rising threshold line, three groups of iconic body lines form the exterior profile of the vehicle.Short and powerful front suspension, stern style rear, split tail door, hidden waist trim…These details, both classic and ingenious, give the new Range Rover a sense of neo-modern luxury.The fifth generation Range Rover is built on Land Rover’s latest EVA 2.0 electrification architecture, with more than 50 electronic control units supporting software online upgrade technology (SOTA) to maintain optimal functionality throughout its life cycle.At the same time, it is the first flagship model launched under JLR’s “Reshape the Future” strategy. In addition to a series of innovative design languages, it also introduces advanced Dynamic Response Pro and four-wheel steering system for the first time, bringing luxury experience and precise Dynamic Response comparable to first-class class.The all-new Range Rover, complete with exclusive Twilight gold matte finish, launches pre-orders for the all-new Range Rover, elevating the performance and design of this flagship vehicle to new heights.It is powered by a new twin-turbo V8 engine with a maximum power of 530 HP and a peak torque of 750 N · m.Even such a behemoth can achieve 0-100km/h acceleration in 4.7 seconds with the help of dynamic start mode.The first version of the car through a series of customized elements to enhance its scarcity and appeal.Exclusive Twilight gold matte finish (optional) and 23-inch 15-spoke silver aluminum alloy wheels, together with the First Edition front lighting welcome plate and First Edition pattern, make the luxurious atmosphere immediately recognized at First sight.Unique 23-inch 15-spoke silver aluminum alloy wheels, the range Rover’s first edition is equipped with the first introduction of a tailgate out of the activity kit, making luxury not only stay in the wild terrain galloping, but also become a warm family members.New generation range rover tail activity outside the portal suite 2 introduced a whole new generation range rover model extended version of the open to booking a new generation of range rover model extended edition models, carrying the YingJieLi 3.0 -liter supercharged engine, equipped with 48 v light mixed system at the same time, the maximum power output of 400 horsepower, peak torque of 550 cattle, meters,0-100 km/h acceleration time 5.9 seconds.The new Range Rover classic Extended Edition interior features intelligent digital LED headlights and 22-inch 10-radiance dark gray diamond-cut aluminum alloy wheels, making the exterior of the vehicle very recognizable.The semi-aniline perforated leather interior and the rear executive seat provide passengers with the luxury experience of first-class class.The front row is equipped with the family’s classic conductor seat, with 24-way electric adjustment and massage function.The all-new Range Rover Model Extension also comes standard with the Meridian sound system with third-generation active noise reduction technology and steering wheel heating.In addition to the standard four-wheel steering, electronic air suspension, and an active rear electronic differential lock and torque vector distribution system, the new range Rover Model Extension is upgraded to include adjustable dynamic mode and all-terrain mode.In particular, the second-generation intelligent all-terrain feedback adaptive system has eight driving modes and can automatically adjust the chassis system according to road conditions to reduce the driver’s operating burden.Last but not least: The Range Rover has been around for 52 years since its debut in 1970.Still, the range Rover’s luxury, off-road and comfort qualities remain the same, making it by far the most intriguing Land Rover model.At present, the new generation of Range Rover with new modernism and powerful performance, once again lead the luxury all-terrain SUV segment wind direction, through pioneering engineering technology and forward-looking innovation, interpretation of the future of new modern luxury.Commend a springtime delights officer, it is necessary to know | of the three gears “Spring Festival” new commend the 2022-02-07 a springtime delights officer 丨 their poor sales, product has a problem really is?2022-01-26 A product recommendation officer I would like to call it “the fastest volume production car in 200,000” 2022-01-26 a product recommendation officer I corolla: The entry is late, does not stand in the way of reshuffling the market 2022-01-23 a product recommendation officer I will come to Guangzhou Fengda, the entry level SUV market resurgence 2022-01-20