Interview with director of national Narcotics Control Commission jiang Chonghua: Implement “six stricts project” to strengthen source control

2022-07-05 0 By

Hengyang Daily all media reporter Tang Xiang correspondent Zhou Jian “this year, Hengdong County will be strong implementation of six strict engineering measures, namely strike hard, strict, strict management, strict education, strict responsibility, solid advance a new round of drug people’s war.”February 15, Hengdong County deputy secretary, acting county magistrate, county narcotics commission director Jiang Chonghua said in an interview.Jiang Chonghua said that Hengdong County will severely crack down on all kinds of illegal drug crimes, and increase the efforts of drug investigation and control, strengthen the source of blocking, adhere to the source of governance, resolutely curb the spread of drugs;We will continue to deepen the actions of “clearing up”, “clearing out”, “clearing out”, and “clearing out” the treatment and treatment of sick and disabled drug-related personnel, and collect all the receivable to effectively achieve the target of “reducing the stock”.We will continue to carry out joint law enforcement actions on the issue of gambling on drugs, pornography and pornography, vigorously improve key industries such as entertainment venues and express delivery and logistics, eliminate drug-related crimes in complex public places, and effectively purify the social environment.We will make solid efforts to carry out risk classification assessment and control of social drug users, and focus on the investigation and control of “two passengers, one danger and one school” motor vehicle drug-related drivers, mentally ill drug-related persons, and those who have not entered or left the institute before the mandatory period of drug withdrawal, so as to prevent the occurrence of accidents caused by drug users.To deepen publicity and education as the root of anti-drug work, unremitting efforts to promote anti-drug publicity into schools, communities, families, units, places, and rural areas, and further expand the coverage and influence of anti-drug publicity and education;The people’s War on drug control will be fully enforced, and dynamic detection and evaluation will be carried out to ensure effective implementation of drug control work with the strongest sense of responsibility, the most concrete measures, and the strictest accountability.At present, Hengdong county anti-drug work situation is stable in the good, many times won the “city anti-drug work advanced county (city) district.”