Tanghe county on tun town: the ban on burning fireworks civilization joy celebration yuanxiao

2022-07-05 0 By

On February 15, the town party committee and government to seriously implement the concept of “ability style construction year” activities work deployment, tuen village folk culture festival in the second quarter on the Lantern Festival party in tuen mun village cultural stage performance, show rich and colorful, by six surrounding villages and towns of literature and art lovers and county drama art center and professional actors perform on stage, diversified literary performance to replace the fireworks festival.The performance consists of 39 programs, including jazz dance, folk dance, opera, sketch, solo, solo, hip-hop and so on. It is divided into two artistic performances of different styles, afternoon and evening.At the same time, the video account and Douyin synchronous live broadcast, held a variety of forms of Lantern Festival activities, to the masses brought a new cultural feast.At the same time, the performance will be broadcast online on platforms such as Video-id and Douyin, so that the villagers who are unable to return home for the festival can also see the wonderful traditional programs, feel the earth-shaking changes in their hometown, and enjoy the joy of the Lantern Festival.Correspondent Wang Yan