Women’s soccer bonuses revealed!Huang Jianxiang has called for equality as the prize money for winning the Asian Cup is far less than that for qualifying for the men’s team

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On February 4, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s football team fell behind twice in the semifinals of the Asian Women’s Cup, and came back to draw.Thanks to two excellent saves by goalkeeper Zhu Yu and wang Shanshan, China defeated Japan 6-5 in a penalty shootout in extra time to reach the final.The prize money for winning the Women’s Asian Cup was only as big as one of the men’s top 40 World Cup qualifiers.What do you think? Leave a comment in the comments section.In the knockout round of the Asian Women’s Football Cup, China’s opponents are Vietnam in the quarterfinals and Japan in the semifinals.Coincidentally, China’s last two opponents in the round of 12 are Also Japan and Vietnam.The only difference was that the women won both games, while the men lost all.In both knockout matches, the women’s team came back from behind to win.Especially in the face of the strong Japanese team, the women’s soccer team in the absence of the core of the midfield Wang Shuang, with the spirit of never give up finally defeated the strong enemy.That was in stark contrast to the men’s loss to Vietnam.According to the disclosure, the prize money of the Asian Women’s Football Cup is 1 million US dollars, and the prize money of the runner-up is 500,000 US dollars, equivalent to RMB is 6 + million and 3 + million respectively.For an intercontinental football match, the prize money is not much.The girls have made it to the final and are guaranteed $3 million, or more than $6 million if they win.Li Tie led his team to four straight wins in the last four matches during the men’s World Preliminary round of the top 40 tournament.The Chinese Football Association was bold in offering 12 million yuan in prize money, including 6 million yuan for the final win.That’s the same as winning the Women’s Asian Cup.The difference is that the women are asking for a title, while the men are just a regular qualifier.Famous mouthpiece Huang Jianxiang urged the football association to give bonuses to women’s soccer girls in accordance with the standard of men’s soccer wins.On the night when the women’s football team won the match, Li Xiaopeng led his team to watch the women’s football match in Suzhou.I wonder how they will feel after seeing the girls come back to win.